Horse race betting

Types of betting in horse races

Horse race has become a favorite sport for betting from a long time. As a habit, spectators prefer to place on betting when they go the racecourse and watch some horse races.

In this article, we will refer an aspect of betting which plays an important role for any bettor want to work with betting seriously. It’s some types of major betting in horse races.

Following our article to know how to choose the betting type suiting with your demand and favorite.

In general, there are two types of betting, including straight wager and exotic wager. The fact, in per version, it has been split smaller kinds to make wide variety for bettor.

According to lack of experience of new beginners, it’s better to use straight wagers. It looks simple and cheap, so it’s easy to follow and learn by heart. As normal, your task is to pick up one horse which is predicted to go the first, second and third. Enough betting in the top 3, that’s right and enough to follow others.

About exotic wager, it requires more complicated skills. It means bettors need to focus more with a full set of knowledge about betting and horse races. In this type, bettors should have advanced degree to pickup horse whether which racing horse can come the line firstly. However, the price for winners is extremely high and potential. Only needing one time with luck, bettor can change his life by exotic wager.

In the straight wager, there are some smaller versions such as: Win, place, show, across the board, win/place and place/show. Depending other types, they have specific rules as well strength and drawback. However, it has the same point when you only are allowed to place on one horse. We will discuss information about per kind in straight wager in the later article.