Basics about snooker

Did you know about the History of Snooker? (Part 2)

Snooker rules

Snooker rules are also quite complicated with many different rules.

The aim of the game is to score more points than their opponent in each game. Each player is awarded more points when he put a red ball in the hole and then another color of his choice.

After 15 red balls have been put in the hole and there are no more red fruits on the table, the competitor must put the other colors in the hole according to the value of each ball.

The smaller the score, the more must be included first.

The yellow point is the lowest, followed by green, brown, blue, pink and black (see photo below).

When points are tied, competitors must put the black ball in the hole, and whoever puts the black ball in the hole first will be the winner.

The following strokes are considered errors:

– In a muscle score more than four points but seven points low.

– Miss the ball you are aiming to hit.

– Put a ball in the hole that you should not have played.

– The case that a ball jumps off the table.

– Put the ball in the hole used to hit other balls, ie the cue ball.

– “Letting” the white ball touch another ball, instead of “hitting” the ball it means the speculation is so close that touching the white ball more than twice.

When the game starts to play, there are 15 red balls on the table, each worth one point.

Unless a player starts playing with a free ball as determined by the referee, each player can score a maximum of 147 points.

A player can only score these points by putting a black ball in the hole after a red ball.

A match is fought against an odd number of games only.

A player is deemed to have won by winning more games than his opponent.