Horse races

Brief about history of horse races in the UK

Horse race is considered as one of the oldest sport in the world. Although it has a long history, it still is existed and developed until now. Furthermore, it is a major industry of some nations when they organize horse races then allow to gamble on it through traditional betting method at the racecourses or modern online betting method through the Internet and betting sites.

When talking to horse race, we can’t miss horse races in the UK which is appreciated as one of the biggest tournaments. Coming the racecourses in this nation, people have chances to visit and discover beauty about culture, custom and lifestyle of the UK people.

To understand more information about horse races in the UK, you should follow some short events about history of horse races at there.

Horse racing has origin from the medieval times. When the UK knights returned from the Crusades, they brought some Arab horses then bred them to make new version called the English horses. Since this event, the UK were happy and proud when they made treasure for travel and economy. They received a lot of honor and coin.

In 1660s, the King Charles II decided to organize the first official horse race at Newmarket. Then he agreed to build up this racecourse to become a professional field which still is developed to this day.

In the reign of Queen Anne, horse races became a professional sport which was welcomed and spread out wide through the country. This Queen also decided to found the Ascot Racecourse in 1711. Since this establishment, horse races became popular for many spectators. Even, some foreigners visited there to discover about horse races. The fact that, this racecourse was flourished across the nation as well in the world.