Competition rules of some billiard types

Billiard Libre – Freestyle billiards is a piece of billiard, in which a player must either hit the cue ball directly or indirectly, hitting 2 target balls to score 1 point, the cue will continue to play until it misses or Foul.

It also has its own rules when calculating the points in the LIMITS  (that is, 4 areas at 4 corners of the table, marked by a line in a triangle with 71 cm long sides and 35.5 cm short sides). Multi-point shots will be restricted to this zone. As follows:

When both target balls are in the restricted area (even if the center of the ball is on the limit line), the player may only hit 1 point, after scoring the second point, the player must give at least 1 goal ball. out of bounds. If the target ball is outside the bounds and then returns to the bounds then it starts to count as “in”. If the player fails to do so, it is a foul and will lose his turn.

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Carom billiard game 1 band

In addition to the general rules of Billiard Carom (as stated in Section A above), in a Carom billiard, a player must touch the cue ball at least 1 tape before touching the second target ball, if not possible. it will be considered a foul.

Billiard Tree cushion rules – 3-piece billiards (Carom 3-tape)

In addition to the general rules of carom billiards, there are a number of separate provisions in the following form:

I. How to play cue ball

– The player must hit the cue ball at least 3 times with 1 or more tapes before touching the second target ball, otherwise it will be considered a foul. There are 3 specific cases as follows:

    + The cue ball, after touching the cade ball, must touch at least 3 more bands before touching the remaining ball,

    + The host touches the 3 balls first and then touches the remaining 2 balls

    + The master ball touches the previous ball 1 or 2 and then touches 1 ball and then touches the other ball and then touch the remaining ball.

– In the event that the cue ball jumps on one or more sides of the table, the wall and then returns to the table, it will be considered a valid stroke and each side of the table or the side of the table will be counted as one touch.

– If the cue ball is stuck to the ice, the player may hit the same tape but that touch will not be counted, only at subsequent touches.

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II. Provisions on tables, muscles, balls and placement of balls:

– The 3-band billiard type uses a large, heated table, using a set of polka dots (white and yellow balls with 6 red dots around), heavier muscles than hitting in free billiards.

– About the position of the specified ball:

+ Red ball : immediately put the place as in the Carom billiard rule.

+ Master ball: immediately set the starting point of the opponent’s ball.

+ Opponent ball: placed in the middle of the table.

– Replace balls when they are sticky or dropped from the table:

+ In case of balls thrown out: only put that ball back in 1 of 3 specified ball positions. The remaining 2 marbles remain the same. (If 2 balls are thrown, place 2 balls again, the other ball remains the same).

+ In case of 2 sticky balls (also known as tapered balls), including the cue ball: Put 2 tapered balls at the specified ball position. If the specified point is taken, the replaced ball will be replaced at the prescribed point as follows: If it is a red ball, it will be placed at the beginning, if the other player’s ball will be placed at the midpoint.