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Experience choosing the best snooker table you need to know (Part 1)

Here are the experiences to buy snooker tables that you should know to own for yourself the best snooker tables. Stay tuned!

Typically, the person who plays snookers for a long time and has contact with many types of tables has enough experience to assess accurately. Because of the lack of information as well as counterfeiting, imitating famous brands, some players who want to buy snooker tables or invest big to open snooker shops are difficult to choose.

So when choosing to buy snooker table you should note the following.

Snooker table is divided into 3 main types including pool table, carom table, snooker table, snooker table, snooker table without net bag. A pool table is a regular table 9 feet, 8 feet, 7 feet.

The 8-foot table is often used for indoor entertainment, while the tables at the current club shops often use the 9-foot table.

The carom table is a 3-ball table or a French table of 9 feet and 10 feet. The 9-foot table is often used to play in clubs and 10 feet is used in major tournaments. The snooker table is available in 9 feet and 10 feet sizes. However 9 feet is less used.

When buying snooker tables, you need to note the following.

Snooker tables must meet standards

Buying a standard snooker table not only helps the entertainment space become professional, register, but also bring many benefits to the user. When purchasing a standard snooker table, users will be able to easily perform tasks related to removing, installing and moving without worrying about the quality of the table being affected.

In addition, with the purchase of a standard snooker table, players can easily perform the movement, control, and not be affected by factors from the table.