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The marbles in billiards may not be known

Depending on the types of billiards, billiards are used differently such as pool, carom (France) or snooker often use small marbles. The sizes and weights of these marbles depend on the particular playing genre but have different sizes and weights.

According to the documents, the first billiard ball was made from wood and clay (to the 20th century some places still apply). Although it is affordable, in Europe, beef bones are quite popular to make billiard balls, but from 1627 to the 20th century people preferred to use ivory as a material. By the middle of the 19th century, the killing of elephants for ivory became an alarm, so it was decided not to make more than 8 tablets per ivory. And with such rampant hunting, elephants were pushed to the brink of extinction, a New York supplier awarded prizes of up to $10,000 to anyone who found a substitute material. So (today, the award is still there, but the reward is only about 178 dollars)

By 1969, John Wesley Hyatt created a compound called nitrocellulose and became the first American to create billiard balls. By 1870, another compound was invented, Celluloid, which unfortunately is volatile when produced and sometimes exploded. However, the evidence to support it is not clear.

Then, to avoid material instability, other synthetic materials were tested such as Bakelite, Crystalite and several other compounds.

Today’s high demands for precision billiard balls have been met by billiard ball molds from plastic materials that have stiff properties that resist breaking or chipping to billiard balls. Currently, Saluc, under the names of firms like Aramith and Brunswick Centennial, produces balls from phenol. Other plastics and plastics such as Polium ester (Polyester) (under different trade names) and Acrylic resin are also used, by competing between companies such as Elephant Balls Ltd, Frenzy Sports and Vigma.

Types of marbles

Billiard ball

In the carom billiards marbles are not numbered and distinguished by the color of the marbles.

  • Red shade
  • White ball
  • 2nd white shade (some places use yellow shade for easy distinction)

Billiards international hole

There are a total of 15 marbles numbered from 1 to 15 and 1 marbles are white or ivory white. Depending on the style of play, people use 9 balls (9 ball pool) or all 15 balls (pool 8 ball). The color and number of marbles are specified as follows

1 = gold

2 = green

3 = red

4 = Purple (it may be pink depending on the kit)

5 = orange

6 = dark green

7 = brown or dark brown

8 = black

9 = white yellow stripes

10 = blue and white stripes

11 = red white stripe

12 = purple white stripe (or pink white stripe)

13 = oranges with white stripes

14 = green with white stripes

15 = brown or dark brown with white stripe

Billiard-hole in English style

Similar to Pool 8 ball consists of 15 marbles, including 1 white, 1 black ball and 2 groups of red and yellow marbles (each side 7 balls).

Snooker billiards

A pool of American hole billiards (9 ball pool, 8 ball pool…) and English hole billiards consists of 21 target marbles and 1 master ball. In it, there are 15 red marbles worth 1 point. The remaining 6 colored marbles have different scores, namely:

Gold = 2 points

Green = 3 points

Brown = 4 points

Green = 5 points

Pink = 6 points

Black = 7 points

Snooker Players

Interesting things about snooker history

Billiards has long been a familiar and widely loved sport in the world. In some countries, the snooker fan with this number is not inferior. However, have you ever wondered how Billiards was born? Join us to learn about the interesting things that swirl around the small ball in the article below.

Development history

Antique illustration of sports and exercises: Knurr and Spell

In Europe, people began to play billiards – an outdoor game on clay tables using marbles and sticks from the 13th century. There are records in 1469, which is 16 years after being taken by the Turks. Invasion, had billiard tables. However, it is not yet agreed which country billiards were first. Particularly in France, history books clearly stated: The first wooden billiard table from the time of King Louis 11; The author is Mr. Henri de Vigue played for the king to play.

Before King Louis ordered the table, this sport was mainly played outdoors, players would use their sticks in the shape of a golf club to hit the ball through a small iron frame, in front of which there were many. Obstacles are different, whoever overcomes all obstacles and hits the iron frame first will be the winner.

And since King Louis ordered that table, history has started to turn the page with billiards. People moved from outdoor to indoor and the sticks and frames were reduced to fit the size of the table.

In 1643, the Dutch landed in New York (originally named New Netherland) and introduced billiards here. Soon, billiard associations sprung up across South and North America. In Europe, from the 17th century, in Germany – Austria started to play billiards; In Northern Europe, billiards entered Denmark in 1766, and then to Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

To the east, it was the Dutch who occupied Indonesia in 1636 and brought billiards here. By 1560, Japan learned that billiards was brought by Dutch sailors. Today, Japan is the country with the most billiard clubs and has also produced many billiard champions. The head of the Japanese billiard association is Mr. Tsuneyoshi Takeda, a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Through historical periods, billiard gradually became more and more people turned to hitting balls in the hole and the curved stick to hit the balls was no longer suitable. As a result, many people have started to give up the old style stick and switch to the long, straight and small-headed stick that we today call muscle. With the change of its play style as well as its popularity no longer confined to the aristocracy, so many billiards clubs began to appear, along with many forms of competition. different match like American style pool, billiard carom, 8 ball pool, snooker, 9 ball pool …


Billiards have many different names between countries: Italians call this game biglia, the French then Bilhard, in Spain it is called Virlota and the British call it “Ball-yard”. Today the international name is Billiard.

Snooker Players

Top 5 snooker players in 2019 (Part 2)

Neil Robertson

After the 2019 Betfred World Championship, Neil Robertson holds a solid fourth place in the Snooker World rankings.

Already considered one of the most successful billiards players of all time, left-handed Australians have had another very solid snooker season. His most notable trophy in the 2018/2019 season came on April 7 when he won in China by deciding to beat Jack Lisowski 11-4.

Robertson Beats Trump In Classic Final - World Snooker

Mark Williams

A number of ex-open and current world champions, Mark Williams have seen a big comeback to form after a few lackluster seasons. Currently in 3rd place, Williams didn have a spectacular season, but a couple of big victories and steady performances throughout the year helped him improve Snooker’s World Ranking. Many scholars have eliminated him after several of his championship seasons starting in 2011/2012, but Williams shows he still has a lot of fighting in him, even at the age of 44 and a trophy of achievement. .

Ronnie O SummerSullivan

You are not a fan of this sport when you hear about Ronnie O SummerSullivan. After more than two decades of playing billiards, Summer Sullivan is almost the epitome of the game and one of the biggest legends ever played it. Although 2019 is his best, it’s still more than enough to put Oullivan in the top players. SummerSullivan won the inaugural Tour Championship in March 2019, beating Neil Robertson 13-11, first bringing him to the top of the charts in nearly nine years.

Five Ronnie O'Sullivan snooker controversies | Surrey Comet

Mark SelbyWhile Mark Selby is currently ranked in the top five, in sixth place, he deserves maximum recognition, as he completely dominated the sport before last season, keeping the top spot. for seven consecutive years. He had a bit of a discount last season, drawing comments from certain experts that Selby may have left his game and is far from his best form. But, unlike Sullivan or some other top billiard players, Mark Selby is known as a patient and very calm player, with strong safe play. This, along with his loss of first place after a long and successful dynasty, can help him get back on track and back to the top.

Snooker Players

Top 5 snooker players in the world (Part 1)

Over the past century and a half, since its invention in England, snooker has become widely available and played worldwide.

Today, it is an internationally watched sport, featuring top professionals playing in world-class tournaments with multi-million prizes. In this article, we will pay homage to the best, top 5 billiard players of the world.

Judd Trump at Snooker German Masters_(Martin_Rulsch)_2014-02-01_18

Overview of this fast-growing sport

Although snooker has existed for a century and a half, it has only seen significant exposure over the past few decades. This sport is deeply rooted in England, Scotland and Australia, but is almost popular elsewhere in the world. As noted, a country in the far east has a surprisingly strong affection for snooker. China organizes a number of major snooker tournaments every year and has a large number of snooker players, according to some estimates, 50 million Chinese play billiards.

As this sport continues to grow in popularity, it could also affect a highly lucrative industry – online betting. This applies especially to the UK, where most of the top billiard tournaments take place and where online casinos and betting are most developed. Many new betting sites have a good reputation that offer customers to bet on snooker tournaments, request exclusive promotions related to snooker or enjoy many other benefits when deciding to follow this sport.

Judd Trump

Snooker news - Jimmy White lauds Judd Trump's display in 2019 ...

Trump started the 2018/2019 season in 5th place but tried to improve his results from the previous season and moved up to 2nd in the rankings for the 2019/2020 season. Judd Trump has had one of the best seasons of his career, in a year that saw him break many records and achieve great success. Despite failing to defend his European Master’s title, Trump had one of the all-time performances just moments later, at the 2019 World Championship. The match in the final against John Higgins, Trump also won the aforementioned championship. By winning the world title, he also became only the eleventh player to complete the Triple Crown.