Credit cards are banned in the UK for online gambling use

Currently, the bookies in the UK have provided players with various forms of online gambling payment to suit everyone.

Using credit cards is a popular method of payment when gambling online. This is the new form of payment being applied by the dealers. This is a card with the maximum deposit and is quite large. Just like in an e-wallet, it offers a lot of advantages for each bank. Usually, credit cards have a higher cost and interest rate than debit cards since the bank will receive a fee for participants’ transactions.

However, in the UK, the ban of credit cards for online gambling use has been in effect this year. This means players will no longer be able to use this convenient method. However, you can choose different types of payment options when betting online.

Depending on whether the house is reputable or not, they will offer us different forms of payment. However, it also depends on many types of deposits, the maximum and minimum amount of money as well. Here are some alternatives payment methods instead of using credit cards.

Electronic Wallet

Payment with this type of electronic wallet is not yet popular, but it is causing many players to love this form of payment. It provides a way to pay very quickly and really securely over the internet. With transaction time almost immediately and always, almost no latency and very low fees. This can be considered as a form of explosive payment in the future.


Ukash or PaysafeCard betting is the kind of voucher to pay in advance and where you can exchange cash on the Internet. Many of these types usually have certificates of deposit.

You can get money directly from the banks after you have won the football betting from reputable bookmakers, but the processing of this money is quite long, it can take up to 2 to 3 days. This can be considered a quite disadvantage of the player when choosing to pay by bank. This can be considered as one of the criteria for assessing whether the online casino is reputable or not.

With the increasingly modern payment methods, despite the ban of credit cards, online betting players in the UK still have many alternatives. Therefore, there is no need to worry!