Horse race betting

Short history about horse race betting in the UK (Part 1)

In the UK, sports and gambling in sports become major industry to contribute development of economy. Therefore, as a good consequence, people love sports and usually place on betting when following sport events. They consider that betting is a great way to relax and earn money.

Horse race is offered as a loved sport for betting in the UK. During history of horse race, it is considered as a national sport when it has been a long time to be close and developed at there.

To make clear about betting in horse race, we share some major events during origins and development of this sport.

According to documents, horse races had its roots since the medieval time when knights came back from Crusades. They brought Arab horse to their nation. However, they did research by breeding and developing Arab horse to become English horses. Since horse races in the UK were released to serve entertainment for the Royal. 

This event was meaningful when it brought honor, frame and event coin for many local people. So, they were proud of English horses as well establishment betting in horse races.

Coming to King Charles II period, horse races were more famous when he decided to organize some competitions annually. This event was recognized to note in the historical record for official horse race competitions.

As a good result, some racetracks were built up to have good environment for horse races event like Newmarket. Until now, Newmarket was described as the most famous racetrack to organize epicenter of the UK. Almost important events, the Government decided to choose Newmarket as a convenient racetrack for organization. 

During the reign of Queen Anne, horse race was considered as a professional sport when it was organized annually at many racetracks around the nation.

She decided to build up the Ascot Racecourse in 1711. 

Horse race betting

5 Strategies To Place On Horse Race Betting (Part 2)

Horse racing is one of the most popular betting game for anyone. It combines some traditional and modern features to create more interest for bettors.

However, betting in horse race is not easy. If you are not careful, you can lose all money you have. So, it’s better to set up strategies to have a clear plan for betting.

Today, we continue to share top 5 useful strategies to place on horse race. 

4, Prefering multiplace, but not all

In betting, you should use multiplace to place a wager. If so, you can be a smarter bettor. 

You should follow news and profile of horse racers, then collect right source which you feel reliable, then decide about betting. 

However, sometime multiplie horse racing betting is not all right. So, you should consider all instructions from others.

For example, there are 70% bettors place on races in the Kentucky derby. It’s not random. It expresses popularity to place a wager. The fact fat, Derby is the most famous horse race in the USA.

When you find a proper race, you need to choose a proper type of race among different races. Only when you place on other kinds, you can broaden your knowleadge about betting and realize that which kind is better for you.

5, Manage bankroll strictly

After strategies about method in betting, you go the last strategy- managing your bankroll.

It means you have to control your budget for betting strictly.

When you open an account, you should consider about your financial budget whether how much is proper for your betting.

Once you determine it, you only use less than amount you have. It protects you to maintain in the next round if you are loser.

Besides it, you also reference information about deposit or withdraw from bank. So that you assure that the process is simple and convenient.

Horse race betting

Types of betting in horse races

Horse race has become a favorite sport for betting from a long time. As a habit, spectators prefer to place on betting when they go the racecourse and watch some horse races.

In this article, we will refer an aspect of betting which plays an important role for any bettor want to work with betting seriously. It’s some types of major betting in horse races.

Following our article to know how to choose the betting type suiting with your demand and favorite.

In general, there are two types of betting, including straight wager and exotic wager. The fact, in per version, it has been split smaller kinds to make wide variety for bettor.

According to lack of experience of new beginners, it’s better to use straight wagers. It looks simple and cheap, so it’s easy to follow and learn by heart. As normal, your task is to pick up one horse which is predicted to go the first, second and third. Enough betting in the top 3, that’s right and enough to follow others.

About exotic wager, it requires more complicated skills. It means bettors need to focus more with a full set of knowledge about betting and horse races. In this type, bettors should have advanced degree to pickup horse whether which racing horse can come the line firstly. However, the price for winners is extremely high and potential. Only needing one time with luck, bettor can change his life by exotic wager.

In the straight wager, there are some smaller versions such as: Win, place, show, across the board, win/place and place/show. Depending other types, they have specific rules as well strength and drawback. However, it has the same point when you only are allowed to place on one horse. We will discuss information about per kind in straight wager in the later article.

Horse race betting

Overview about betting horse races in the UK

Placing bets on horse races become one of the famous cultures in the UK. Many people like watching horse race and place on it as a normal habit. The truth that betting on horse race is legal and encouraged in this nation because it is one of the most main industry. It contributes to profit of economy.

In this article, we continue to overview about betting in horse races.

To start with this bet, it’s not easy. You need to understand rule of horse races as well different type of wagers. It’s necessary to have good experience in horse race betting.

About different type of betting

One of the most confusing factor in horse races betting is complication in type of betting. Horse race has a unique language among other sports. Therefore, you should consider carefully before place betting.

In general, there are some major types of betting as following:

Single: It is a simple and easy bet to place. You will try to choose correct horse which win in finals. For any beginner, you should use this type because the rule is easy to follow.

Each way: You have two options: one wagering on horse can win or wagering on horse be placed. It will depend on the number of runners in a races then find total racers.

Accumulators: This means one bet but having multiple wagers. This type has a profitable prize for bettors.

Exotic Bets: This type is the most popular in wagers. In exotic, there are many versions which change a lot odd rate and time on betting.

Some major events in the UK

There are many horse races taking place every day, but some of the biggest events are held in large scale. Estimated that there are tens of millions go the racecourses to see live horse races.

Horse race betting

Overview about betting horse races in the UK

When you visit any UK betting site, you are easy to see section of horse racing. The truth that betting on horses becomes an ingrained part in culture of the UK since Victorian period. Almost people watch a horse race match tend to place on betting.

In this article, we share basic information about horse races betting in the UK from recommending some popular races, distinguishing types of bets as well several tips and tricks to win on betting. Following this article if you tend to get experience at any horse race betting.

1/ Short history about horse racing in the UK

Horse racing has roots in medieval times when people came back from Arab with Arab horses then they bred into English horses. It made convenient and profit for the English.

Until time of King Charles II, the first horse race was organized officially and remarked in the historical record of horse races in the world.

In the reign of Queen Anne, she established the first racecourses then accepted to have wagers between spectators and the public. Then series of racecourse were built up along the UK.

Time by time, the formal set of rule about horse races was applied and changed to catch popularity of the society.

Receiving achievements from technology and the Internet, horse races also have been set up an online system to make convenience and spread spectators in the international area. Now, you don’t need to spend time to go to the racecourse and accept to place betting officially. Almost big events are publicized in the Internet easily.

Nowadays, horse racing is considered as one of the biggest sport in the UK. Annually horse race industry brings revenue about 3.7 billion dollars for the UK economy.

Once you visit the UK, you should see one horse race at the racecourse to discover the culture of this nation.

Horse race betting

Guides for beginner about horse racing betting in UK

Many people prefer to place betting on a horse race when watching. Someone is interested in huge prizes for winners. While some people like betting to focus on this race well.

For any the reason, bettors hope to reach winning. In this article, we give some basic guides for beginner about the UK horse racing betting. Following it if you want to win in a race.

Firstly, we collect some major types of horse racing betting. It includes in win bet, each way, place bet, head to head betting and lay or not to win.

Win betting: this type is simplest straightforward bet. It means that you place your bet for horse you guess it can go the line firstly. Then you only follow and cheer up it. If it’s correct, you will receive winnings from bookmaker you placed.

Each way betting: this type combines two bets in one, including a straightforward winning bet and place bet. Therefore, budget will be double and your opportunity for winning is higher. However, bookmaker will reduce odds and conditions for per one.

Place betting: this type is less popular than others because it is only applied for some places and by some bookmakers. The content is similar to win betting. It means noting extra is out of the race.

Head to head betting: this type means that you only pick up one of two horses to place in the race. Although it has a smaller odds, your chance is higher when your placed horse only beat another.

Lay or “not to win” betting: this type is popular on the online exchanges and traditional bookmakers. It means that you place a bet for horse without winning and cheer up the rest. You win when this horse loses.