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Best billiard game for iOS and Android (Part 1)

You love to shoot billiards on iOS, Android and regularly follow billiard competitions around the world? Do you want to challenge your friends on professional polishing tables?

And if you own an iPhone, iPad or any Android smartphone, quickly download one of the following billiard games to practice yourself and become the number 1 hand in the shortest time!

1. Game Billiards 3D – Byterun Pool

A game of billiards with beautiful 3D graphics for the iPhone and iPad. With Byterun, you will be participating in world class billiard tournaments. If you win and get high rankings, you will go into more complex tournaments and have the potential to become world champion.

Byterun Pool has 1-person and 2-player modes, hinting to poke the ball accurately. The objective of the game is to poke the specified set of balls into the hole, the black ball will be the last ball to be inserted into the hole to finish and win the game.

2. Game 8 Ball Pool billiards

This is the 8 ball billiards shooting game for Android. With this game, you can choose from different game modes: one to play 1 on 1 with friends (or duel with random players), the other is to participate in tournaments with 8 different players. A third option is to tour, although not available, but this feature is announced by the provider that will be available soon. If you’re playing with your friends, you can invite them through Facebook.

This game includes 5 levels. They are London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. To play a round, each player will have to pay entry fees with in-game money, the levels will have an increasing fee. If you win, you’ll get double the amount paid – basically, you’ll get your money back, along with the amount of your opponent. If you fail the game, you will lose the money, but will not go below zero.

The best advice for you is to challenge your friends as much as possible to improve your poking skills and then enter tournaments to win.