Basics about snooker

Basic information about snooker beginners should know

Snooker is quite popular today. However, there are many people who are not sure how to play this game. Let’s Billiards learn more about how to play this exciting billiard!

What is billiard snooker?

The snooker billiard is originally from India and was invented by Sir Neville Chamberlain. This game is played with a fairly simple technique with 15 balls of the same color red with 6 different colored balls and 1 cue ball. Snooker billiard table consists of 6 holes with net pockets.

Snooker billiard table

Each match will have 17 games long and short depending on the ability of the hands to play but usually about 8 hours.

One thing that is said to be quite interesting while playing billiard snooker is that the external factors have a lot of influence on the way of the ball. The hot temperature is the ball runs faster but the cold it slows down, dust, humidity.

 To serve the needs of playing billiards snooker for professional mechanics requires a heated table about 18 degrees Celsius, a table of quality standards, a room with curtains and arranged in a luxurious place.

Playing equipment

A total of 22 are used to play snooker, divided into 3 groups including 1 white cue ball, 15 red balls and 6 different colored balls. The number of points for the marbles is calculated as follows: Red Ball 1 point, Yellow 2 points, Green 3 points, Brown 4 points, Blue 5 points, Pink 6 points and Black 7 points.

Decisive win or lose

The winning or losing hand of the hand is based on the number of points that the mechanical hands score. Each ball hit in the hole will have the corresponding score according to the rules. However, the player must hit the red ball first, otherwise the red ball will count as a foul.

Combining hitting alternating colored balls and red balls. When hitting, you must hit the red ball first if the slip is considered a foul and it will be another turn of the player. Neus colored balls are pocketed, but the red balls on the table are picked up and repositioned. If the red ball is pocketed, you need to hit the colored balls in sequence from low to high.

The end of the game

When there are no more balls on the table and the cumulative points of two players if the higher player wins. If the two sides want to finish early when there is a target on the table, they will compare the current score.