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Best billiard game for iOS and Android (Part 2)

3. Real Billiard 8 Ball Pool 3D

The world’s number one billiard game is now available on iPhone and iPad. Play Billiard 8 Ball Pool 3D with friends on mobile devices and overcome the challenge to become the number one gamer.

Hone your skills at auditions, take part in one-to-one competitions and register in major tournaments to win precious medals and trophies.

Some features in Real Billilard 8 Ball Pool 3D:

+ Dynamic 3D billiard ball effect

+ Touch controls to move the billiard stick

+ 8 ball and 9 ball game mode

+ Single player mode: Straight Pool Game (not specified) – Practice (no time limit and no high score leaderboards)

+ Multiplayer mode: Match between many players (there are rules)

4. Billiards game for Android

Billiards game for Android is a version for Android phones of the famous billiards game on PC generation. In the game there are different game modes such as Time Trial, Matrix, playing 2 people 15 balls.

In Time Trial game mode, you have 4 minutes to put the ball in the hole as quickly as possible and you will have more points. If you put 2 balls in the hole in a row, you will increase your score and add time.

In Matrix Mode, when you put a ball in the hole, your score will be multiplied by the difference between that ball and the adjacent edible ball. If the score of the ball you eat is less than the score of the previous ball then your score will be divided by the score of the current ball. So be careful in the calculation!

In the 15-ball 2 player mode, you can compete against your friends!

5. 3D Pool Game

The best billiard game you are looking for is here. Billiards synthesizes 3 games in 1: play 9 ball, 8 ball and snooker.

This game features great 3D HD graphics, play space and optional polishing table with 3 different difficulty levels.

With billiard snooker mode, the game will automatically change into a separate table, similar to the pool billiards table but with larger size, more marbles and smaller balls. You must hit the red ball first and want to hit the colored ball in the hole you must hit the red ball first (only the colored ball is picked up and put in the designated position) and play alternately. The game ends only when all the red balls are punched in the hole and then the colored balls are entered in the hole according to the number of points (from small to large). Especially when a foul is made, the minimum penalty score will be 4 and added to the opponent.