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The snooker superstar lost £ 30,000 for a mistake

The No. 1 Chinese player and number 3 seed of the tournament missed the chance to score the maximum score on the snooker table, thereby winning £ 30,000 for the wrong reason.

The snooker world championship round 1 continues to take place. Top seeds such as Ding Junhui (3rd seed), Neil Robertson (4), Barry Hawkins (5) have all entered the match and they all won tickets to the second round.

Ding Junhui had an emotional game against British player Mark Davis. A bad start, the Asian muscle hand let the 42-year-old Davis lead 4-0, suddenly awakening the former world No. 1 to get back 3 games quickly before allowing the British muscle to lead 3-5.

Drama took place in game 9, when Ding Junhui had a chance to break 147 points (the maximum number of points in a game), after having eaten 12 red balls (1 point each) and 12 black balls ( 7 points) to get 96 points and if you continue to hit like that and then clear the hand, China will get a bonus of £ 30,000.

But due to his lack of focus on breaking records, he managed to get the green goal ball (6 points) in the middle of the table and missed the chance to set a record. Needless to say how regretful a 28-year-old muscle hand was after that situation, he held his head regretfully and forced a smile, the audience and rival Davis were also surprised by the heartless situation of the Asian muscle arm.

“I didn’t think about it (record) until I knew I could score 147. I’m just trying to score more than 100 points, but I don’t think I’ll set a record. I don’t know, it’s true, I’m sorry… “. Ding Junhui expressed regret after the match.

After that rare mistake, Ding regained his composure and continued to show his class with a 10-7 victory over Davis. In the second round, Ding Junhui will face the legendary 39-year-old John Higgins four times world champion.

Another former world number 1 and former world champion 2010 – Neil Robertson has a convincing 10-2 victory over Jamie Jones. Worth mentioning in this match, the Australian player also had 3 moves over 100 points, especially in the third game Robertson scored 143 points, the score was almost absolute and he almost got 30,000. In round 2, the Australian mechanic will meet Allister Carter, the world’s number 13.