Horse race betting

Short history about horse race betting in the UK (Part 1)

In the UK, sports and gambling in sports become major industry to contribute development of economy. Therefore, as a good consequence, people love sports and usually place on betting when following sport events. They consider that betting is a great way to relax and earn money.

Horse race is offered as a loved sport for betting in the UK. During history of horse race, it is considered as a national sport when it has been a long time to be close and developed at there.

To make clear about betting in horse race, we share some major events during origins and development of this sport.

According to documents, horse races had its roots since the medieval time when knights came back from Crusades. They brought Arab horse to their nation. However, they did research by breeding and developing Arab horse to become English horses. Since horse races in the UK were released to serve entertainment for the Royal. 

This event was meaningful when it brought honor, frame and event coin for many local people. So, they were proud of English horses as well establishment betting in horse races.

Coming to King Charles II period, horse races were more famous when he decided to organize some competitions annually. This event was recognized to note in the historical record for official horse race competitions.

As a good result, some racetracks were built up to have good environment for horse races event like Newmarket. Until now, Newmarket was described as the most famous racetrack to organize epicenter of the UK. Almost important events, the Government decided to choose Newmarket as a convenient racetrack for organization. 

During the reign of Queen Anne, horse race was considered as a professional sport when it was organized annually at many racetracks around the nation.

She decided to build up the Ascot Racecourse in 1711.