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Play billiards: As strong as weightlifting

Billiards may seem like a mindful and observant-minded game, but science has shown billiards to be as healthy as weightlifting as well!

Billiards have 10 health benefits, according to Becic expert on Health Fitness Revolution, and this has been confirmed by a study by Harvard Medical School.

Accordingly, a person weighing 125 pounds playing hole billiards for 30 minutes consumes 75 calories, only slightly less than non-competitive weightlifting (90 calories) for the same time, physical condition. One hour of billiards is the equivalent of walking at a brisk speed (7.24 km / h) in half an hour.

Another study by the Center for Aging at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) showed that billiards are especially suitable for the elderly as a sports activity, because continuous random actions while playing create ” jobs ”for muscles, without any physical training required.

Dr Aske Juul Lassen, lead researcher, said the health of old age is not just about practicing sports, but also incorporating seemingly purely entertaining activities like playing billiards into the daily routine.

It is purely sports and art. Billiards is highly resistant, requires nerves of steel, full physical strength and a little bit of romance to reach the top.

Billiards is not only good for physical health. This light sport also helps players improve their mental health, namely the ability to focus, judge and observe because good billiards require attention on fixed targets such as balls, angles, next to the table, etc.

It really is a sport that helps the whole body function: walking, stretching when you have to lean for long ball shots, getting your hands behind your back to handle backhand situations, hand navigation and Holding muscles exerts force on the ball, the eye focuses on the target and the brain calculates the trajectory and force required.

For these reasons, Becic believes that good billiards players are calm people in everyday life, because they are used to thinking clearly and logically before making a decision.