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Jordan Spieth demonstrated his talent to play billiards

Attending The Masters for 5 consecutive years since 2014, Jordan Spieth is one of the brightest candidates for The Masters championship.

If in the last 4 years, the world’s No. 4 golfer soon made a strong impression thanks to 1 championship and 2 times the final second place, then after the first round of the year, Jordan Spieth has established. An equally impressive record. That is through a total of 17 rounds, he has 9 rounds to place number 1. This achievement helps Jordan Spieth ranked 6th in the list of golfers with the most rounds of The Masters leading, equal with legendary golfer Tiger Woods.

In addition to the talent that helped Jordan Spieth rise to number 1 in the world in 2015 and maintain his lead on the chart for 26 weeks, the golfer who won major three times also has many other sports talents. For example, billiards, Jordan Spieth freely accepted to participate in a billiards match with David Feherty – a former professional golfer and now a producer and commentator on television.

Also must calculate the angle, direction, hitting force, but on the billiards table is a very different image of Jordan Spieth. At this time, fans hope that, when the epidemic is over, when the tournaments return, Jordan Spieth will also return with the best form.

When Brooks Kopeka reached the top of glory on the world golf chart, another former No. 1 golfer continued to slip. Jordan Spieth did not attend the CJ Cup golf tournament last week, in which Brooks Koepka won the trophy. This caused the American golfer to fall from No. 10 to No. 11, and was the first time he was not in the top 10 of the best golfers in the world since November 2014.

Since that time, Jordan Spieth has won 12 golf tournaments around the world, including three major tournaments. He has 26 weeks to hold No. 1 on the chart. But since July this year, the 25-year-old golfer has failed to win a single tournament, and was eliminated from the Tour Championship for the first time in his career.

The top 10 golfers on the current chart include Brooks Koepka, who just came to No. 1 a week ago. In second place is Dustin Johnson. It was followed by Justin Rose, Justin Thomas, Rory McilRoy, Francesco Molinari, Bryson DeChambeau, Jon Rahm, Rickie Fowler and Jason Day.

With such a good record in recent years, famous golfer Tiger Woods has held the world’s No. 13 position for the fifth consecutive week.

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World billiard shock: The first player to die because of Covid-19

The famous South American player Oscar Ticona recently passed away because the Covid-19 epidemic has shocked the world billiard community.

The South American billiard community and the world were stunned recently when the Bolivian Billiards Federation announced that Oscar Ticona had passed away because Covid-19 was at the age of 58. 

Oscar Ticona is considered a monument of billiard Bolivia, dominating the country for many years. He is also one of the players with the most appearances in South American international tournaments.

During his career, Ticona has competed in most famous cities of South America such as Manizales, Medellin, Bogota, Quito, Lima, Santiago or Buenos Aires. He has repeatedly been in the top of the best players in the Panamerican Championship – the prestigious professional 3-band carom tournament of South America.

After learning the news, a series of famous fighters expressed their shock as well as shared their grief with Mr. Ticona’s family. Alexander Salazar (Colombia) wrote: “Ticona is the elite representative of Bolivian billiards. I remember the memories of playing with him across the continent”

Player Ricardo Migliavacca (Argentina) shared: “We are very sad to announce the departure of Ticona, a victim of Covid-19. He is an outstanding player in his country. His departure will be a exellent loss. We extend our condolences to the Ticona family and the Bolivian Billiards Federation”.

In addition to expressing grief, player Luis Aveiga (Ecuador) also revealed that the wife of a famous colleague had also passed away a year earlier.

Mr. Oscar Ticona is the first case in which a player in the world has died from the Covid pandemic. Previously, the Covid-19 pandemic caused death of 2 athletes in sports. They are Iranian female futsal player Elham Sheikhi (23 years old) and Chinese fitness champion Qiu Jun (70 years old).

Horse race betting

Types of betting in horse races

Horse race has become a favorite sport for betting from a long time. As a habit, spectators prefer to place on betting when they go the racecourse and watch some horse races.

In this article, we will refer an aspect of betting which plays an important role for any bettor want to work with betting seriously. It’s some types of major betting in horse races.

Following our article to know how to choose the betting type suiting with your demand and favorite.

In general, there are two types of betting, including straight wager and exotic wager. The fact, in per version, it has been split smaller kinds to make wide variety for bettor.

According to lack of experience of new beginners, it’s better to use straight wagers. It looks simple and cheap, so it’s easy to follow and learn by heart. As normal, your task is to pick up one horse which is predicted to go the first, second and third. Enough betting in the top 3, that’s right and enough to follow others.

About exotic wager, it requires more complicated skills. It means bettors need to focus more with a full set of knowledge about betting and horse races. In this type, bettors should have advanced degree to pickup horse whether which racing horse can come the line firstly. However, the price for winners is extremely high and potential. Only needing one time with luck, bettor can change his life by exotic wager.

In the straight wager, there are some smaller versions such as: Win, place, show, across the board, win/place and place/show. Depending other types, they have specific rules as well strength and drawback. However, it has the same point when you only are allowed to place on one horse. We will discuss information about per kind in straight wager in the later article.

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Show how to play snooker betting for first-time players

Snooker betting is a similar sport to football betting, but it is held indoors and is widely used everywhere, and is loved by many people of all ages.

In the past, snooker was often held in places like bars, clubs, or pubs, and more specifically, in specialized snooker zones. So today more and more people are realizing this exciting benefit and attraction of having a pool table and being able to play at home without having to go out.

Snooker betting is just as simple as betting other sports. In snooker, there are very different types of play and betting will easily vary with the style of play.

Tròn mắt "phù thủy" bi-a chấp 1 tay, 1 chân vẫn "bá chủ" thế giới - 1

How to play snooker at the bookmakers

Snooker has been organized on a pool table with holes for players to put in. There is each hole in the corners of the table and one hole is on either side of the table, the rule has 6 holes in total.

In some ways of snooker betting, the ultimate intention is to have snooker balls in the hole. Here I will show the two most popular ways of snooker today.

There are two popular types of snooker that are 8-ball pool and 9-ball pool.

Types of betting in snooker

Thanks to the popularity of snooker betting with a large number of fans on par with many other sports, it is no surprise to see that many online betting sites have launched. There are very different types of bets for snooker.

Just like betting on football or other sports betting, to be successful, the bettors need to understand the ways of betting that the house offers.

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Here are some ways to play betting in snooker betting

  • Straight bet: A bet on the player who will win the tournament.
  • Match bet: Bet is placed on the player to win the match. Players can bet on many different players.
  • Handicap betting: This bet is becoming more and more popular as it is already highly profitable for many players.
  • Highest Break: A wager that has been placed on the calculations of a player with the highest break in a tournament.

Nowadays, snooker betting is spread all over the place on reputable online betting sites such as M88 that bet on the player who will win the match. In snooker, there are no draws. So it’s also much simpler to play betting.

Players also need more research should learn some dealer online to compare rates when betting game for you, so that to find the best odds for the player.

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The marbles in billiards may not be known

Depending on the types of billiards, billiards are used differently such as pool, carom (France) or snooker often use small marbles. The sizes and weights of these marbles depend on the particular playing genre but have different sizes and weights.

According to the documents, the first billiard ball was made from wood and clay (to the 20th century some places still apply). Although it is affordable, in Europe, beef bones are quite popular to make billiard balls, but from 1627 to the 20th century people preferred to use ivory as a material. By the middle of the 19th century, the killing of elephants for ivory became an alarm, so it was decided not to make more than 8 tablets per ivory. And with such rampant hunting, elephants were pushed to the brink of extinction, a New York supplier awarded prizes of up to $10,000 to anyone who found a substitute material. So (today, the award is still there, but the reward is only about 178 dollars)

By 1969, John Wesley Hyatt created a compound called nitrocellulose and became the first American to create billiard balls. By 1870, another compound was invented, Celluloid, which unfortunately is volatile when produced and sometimes exploded. However, the evidence to support it is not clear.

Then, to avoid material instability, other synthetic materials were tested such as Bakelite, Crystalite and several other compounds.

Today’s high demands for precision billiard balls have been met by billiard ball molds from plastic materials that have stiff properties that resist breaking or chipping to billiard balls. Currently, Saluc, under the names of firms like Aramith and Brunswick Centennial, produces balls from phenol. Other plastics and plastics such as Polium ester (Polyester) (under different trade names) and Acrylic resin are also used, by competing between companies such as Elephant Balls Ltd, Frenzy Sports and Vigma.

Types of marbles

Billiard ball

In the carom billiards marbles are not numbered and distinguished by the color of the marbles.

  • Red shade
  • White ball
  • 2nd white shade (some places use yellow shade for easy distinction)

Billiards international hole

There are a total of 15 marbles numbered from 1 to 15 and 1 marbles are white or ivory white. Depending on the style of play, people use 9 balls (9 ball pool) or all 15 balls (pool 8 ball). The color and number of marbles are specified as follows

1 = gold

2 = green

3 = red

4 = Purple (it may be pink depending on the kit)

5 = orange

6 = dark green

7 = brown or dark brown

8 = black

9 = white yellow stripes

10 = blue and white stripes

11 = red white stripe

12 = purple white stripe (or pink white stripe)

13 = oranges with white stripes

14 = green with white stripes

15 = brown or dark brown with white stripe

Billiard-hole in English style

Similar to Pool 8 ball consists of 15 marbles, including 1 white, 1 black ball and 2 groups of red and yellow marbles (each side 7 balls).

Snooker billiards

A pool of American hole billiards (9 ball pool, 8 ball pool…) and English hole billiards consists of 21 target marbles and 1 master ball. In it, there are 15 red marbles worth 1 point. The remaining 6 colored marbles have different scores, namely:

Gold = 2 points

Green = 3 points

Brown = 4 points

Green = 5 points

Pink = 6 points

Black = 7 points

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What is the benefit of playing billiards?

Billiards are not just a hobby or a sport with a sense of entertainment, billiards have existed and developed for a long time thanks to the great benefits for human health.

– About health benefits

The activities of billiards make players not only active hands but also have to move constantly around the billiard table in continuous time between matches, so it burns a huge amount of calories in the body.

Chơi bida xuất hiện từ những năm 1400

+ Toned muscles

Although it is not a muscle-focused sport, the movements in beer play make players lean, stretch, balance body, move arms, legs and body flexibly, so if you play in over a long period of time, it will help your muscles become clear and firm.

+ Slow aging process

According to a study on a large number of billiards players, most people will drink beer when they play this sport. Yeast combined with continuous activity will have a beneficial effect on the body. One of its greatest benefits has been shown to help slow down the aging process.

– Perfecting skills

+ Increased concentration ability

Playing billiards, you not only use your hands to hit the marbles, you also have to use your brain to think, your eyes and hands are focused to achieve accuracy. Playing billiards for a long time will increase the player’s ability to concentrate.

+ Help players practice temper

In addition to the ability to focus, playing billiards also helps the player to be calmer in all situations. Because playing beer requires players to carefully step, think, calculate before making any decisions.

+ Flexible coordination between hands, eyes

The request of the billiards player is a well-coordinated and responsive coordination of the eyes and hands. Both analyzing with the eyes and adjusting hand manipulation while playing will make the players have the most flexible reflexes in the most natural way.

+ Help the brain to be more sensitive

Analysis, thinking, and imagining are the continuous activities that a billiard player’s brain needs to deal with. The longer you play, the more skilled your experience and skills make your brain more sensitive.

– Suitable for all subjects

The most popular audience for this sport is young men. But this is considered a sport that is suitable for all subjects, both men and women, of all ages. In particular, the elderly are encouraged to play billiards because it does not require too much health but brings many health benefits.

– Bring comfort to the spirit

Like all recreational sports, playing billiards makes players feel comfortable, reduce stress, elated spirit, and energy. In addition, skills that are developed during play, such as calmness and concentration, can make you better handle many things in life. This gives you a comfortable spiritual life.

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Interesting things about snooker history

Billiards has long been a familiar and widely loved sport in the world. In some countries, the snooker fan with this number is not inferior. However, have you ever wondered how Billiards was born? Join us to learn about the interesting things that swirl around the small ball in the article below.

Development history

Antique illustration of sports and exercises: Knurr and Spell

In Europe, people began to play billiards – an outdoor game on clay tables using marbles and sticks from the 13th century. There are records in 1469, which is 16 years after being taken by the Turks. Invasion, had billiard tables. However, it is not yet agreed which country billiards were first. Particularly in France, history books clearly stated: The first wooden billiard table from the time of King Louis 11; The author is Mr. Henri de Vigue played for the king to play.

Before King Louis ordered the table, this sport was mainly played outdoors, players would use their sticks in the shape of a golf club to hit the ball through a small iron frame, in front of which there were many. Obstacles are different, whoever overcomes all obstacles and hits the iron frame first will be the winner.

And since King Louis ordered that table, history has started to turn the page with billiards. People moved from outdoor to indoor and the sticks and frames were reduced to fit the size of the table.

In 1643, the Dutch landed in New York (originally named New Netherland) and introduced billiards here. Soon, billiard associations sprung up across South and North America. In Europe, from the 17th century, in Germany – Austria started to play billiards; In Northern Europe, billiards entered Denmark in 1766, and then to Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

To the east, it was the Dutch who occupied Indonesia in 1636 and brought billiards here. By 1560, Japan learned that billiards was brought by Dutch sailors. Today, Japan is the country with the most billiard clubs and has also produced many billiard champions. The head of the Japanese billiard association is Mr. Tsuneyoshi Takeda, a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Through historical periods, billiard gradually became more and more people turned to hitting balls in the hole and the curved stick to hit the balls was no longer suitable. As a result, many people have started to give up the old style stick and switch to the long, straight and small-headed stick that we today call muscle. With the change of its play style as well as its popularity no longer confined to the aristocracy, so many billiards clubs began to appear, along with many forms of competition. different match like American style pool, billiard carom, 8 ball pool, snooker, 9 ball pool …


Billiards have many different names between countries: Italians call this game biglia, the French then Bilhard, in Spain it is called Virlota and the British call it “Ball-yard”. Today the international name is Billiard.

Snooker tips

What to keep in mind when studying intermediate billiards?

With a few things to share for you to practice lower, this is also the minimum required of someone who wants to make fast progress in billiards.

1. Do not despise the basics

Everything is fundamentally always important, when you break a ball then 70% of its origin is fundamentally wrong, a distraction is slow to develop the body like playing together, putting muscles on the table too quickly, forgot to ignore, did not look carefully the axis of the ball was rushed, did not click the muscle. These defects can make you stand muscles can not progress only takes a very long time.

Để học tốt bida trung cấp bạn cần lưu ý những gì?

2. Don’t underestimate any kind of compassion

Whether in front of you is a glass eye also consider carefully, calculated before hitting, subjectivity is always inversely proportional to the speed of the muscle, the easier the ball is to be more carefully, with all the situations. Beating the ball due to being too hasty, a ball, if you put the muscle down immediately, will give another result sometimes you look closely for a second or two more then hit, do not be afraid of others laughing at the thoughtful wallet. As you can easily ignore an indigenous ball, it will be even more laughable.

3. Remember your mistakes carefully

A person who has a high rate always remembers the balls he missed in the battle not long ago, every time he made a mistake and lost the whole game, he could not sleep that night. The next day, he ranked most of the game, but the ball was broken down many times. Just like that, over time, your mistakes will fall to the cheapest rate.

Để học tốt bida trung cấp bạn cần lưu ý những gì?

4. Strike tightly

In intermediate or advanced billiards, the model that people need to practice is the tightness in the ball lines, practice calculating the position when the ball returns, predict the shape of the ball after 1 shot and try not to get distorted results too generous. 

I remember with a foreign player mentioning that people lacked the tightness in handling the ball, so it was not true that the ball was collected, just running to the area is enough, please practice it. If you are going to arrange the position you want most, gradually you will see the unexpected effect.

5. Prepare really new types

 When you have learned which ball axis is behind schedule, it is the cheapest to practice it very carefully and then bring it to the fight. In any billiard ball, any balls that have not yet been trained will make you fail smoothly.

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Rules of 9-ball billiard match you should know (Part 3)

Touching the ball illegally

If the target ball in the first contact of the cue ball in a shot other than the lowest ball on the table is fouled.

Marbles do not touch the ball

After hitting the cue ball on the target ball, without the target ball falling into the hole where the cue ball or any other target ball has not touched the tape, that stroke is considered a violation.

Cue ball in hand

When the cue ball is in hand, the player may place the cue ball anywhere on the table but may not touch the target cue ball. The player may continue to move the cue ball until the stroke is made.


The target ball falls off the table

The target ball is considered to fall off the table when it is located anywhere off the table. Hitting a target that falls off the table is illegal. Target balls that fall off the table are not picked up except for ball number 9

Foul 3 times in a row

If a player commits a foul 3 times in a row without making a valid stroke, then the player will be penalized for that match, 3 consecutive fouls must occur in 1 game. The warning will be given in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd fouls.

Place ball number 9

No balls in the hole after the stroke and the ball off the table will be reset except for ball 9. Ball 9 will be placed at the end of the table. While placing ball number 9, if there is an obstacle around the end of the table, it will be placed above the end of the table closest to the end of the table without moving the balls. Ball 9 is placed to stick to the obstructing ball

Terminate the match

Each match started when the cue ball rolled across the table at the start of the game. Ball number 1 must be the first goal ball to be touched by the cue ball in the play. The game is terminated when the number nine ball has been pocketed in the valid stroke or when the player has been disqualified due to breaking the law.

Horse races

Brief about history of horse races in the UK

Horse races have a long history in the UK under many versions and growth. The truth that horse races become a part of beauty in culture of the UK. So, when you visit this nation, you shouldn’t miss it so that you can discover more interesting stories about the UK.

In this article, we will share basic information about history of horse races in the UK. Hope that you will understand more about history of the UK development through major event in horse races.

In the previous article, we have ever discussed the event of Queen Anne when they considered horse races like a professional game to battle. Since this event, many racecourses were built up to organize horse races professionally. As a consequence, many jobs also created and developed to serve horse races annually.

In 1750, some elites loving horse races had a meeting at Newmarket to agree to establish Jockey club. This place was to connect friends of horse races in the UK as well anyone from the world.

The Jockey club was responsible to write a set of rules about professional horse races. Then in 1814, the rule was approved and applied to any races in the UK and several horse races in the world. They determined some races allow the three year old as well some races only accept whom horse requires enough conditions. In the first time, some people felt uncomfortable about new strict rules. Then they complied and adapted it easily.

Besides it, the Jockey club also offered some tips and rules to develop more races in profession. Or the steps to breed of race horse efficiently. Or other information related to horse races. This club did business as a library about horse race which anyone had the right to make reference conveniently.