Basics about snooker Snooker tips

Play billiards: As strong as weightlifting

Billiards may seem like a mindful and observant-minded game, but science has shown billiards to be as healthy as weightlifting as well!

Billiards have 10 health benefits, according to Becic expert on Health Fitness Revolution, and this has been confirmed by a study by Harvard Medical School.

Accordingly, a person weighing 125 pounds playing hole billiards for 30 minutes consumes 75 calories, only slightly less than non-competitive weightlifting (90 calories) for the same time, physical condition. One hour of billiards is the equivalent of walking at a brisk speed (7.24 km / h) in half an hour.

Another study by the Center for Aging at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) showed that billiards are especially suitable for the elderly as a sports activity, because continuous random actions while playing create ” jobs ”for muscles, without any physical training required.

Dr Aske Juul Lassen, lead researcher, said the health of old age is not just about practicing sports, but also incorporating seemingly purely entertaining activities like playing billiards into the daily routine.

It is purely sports and art. Billiards is highly resistant, requires nerves of steel, full physical strength and a little bit of romance to reach the top.

Billiards is not only good for physical health. This light sport also helps players improve their mental health, namely the ability to focus, judge and observe because good billiards require attention on fixed targets such as balls, angles, next to the table, etc.

It really is a sport that helps the whole body function: walking, stretching when you have to lean for long ball shots, getting your hands behind your back to handle backhand situations, hand navigation and Holding muscles exerts force on the ball, the eye focuses on the target and the brain calculates the trajectory and force required.

For these reasons, Becic believes that good billiards players are calm people in everyday life, because they are used to thinking clearly and logically before making a decision.

Basics about snooker Snooker tips

The secret to playing good billiards without technique

Not to mention the pool technique, some of the following immovable principles will help you become a more professional player in the way of holding the sticks, standing posture, the rules of the game.

Surely these will help you gain stick more easily

1. Practice standing posture when playing billiards

One of the simple tips when playing billiards is to train yourself to have a good standing and balance. The best posture is to place 2 feet apart at least shoulder width apart and firmly grip on the ground. Keep your back be straight during play. When you have a good stance, it becomes easier to focus on controlling the billiard ball, and you can fully aim the target accurately.

2. Focus on stick

Remember, professional snooker was once a bluff but filled with passion and enthusiasm. When you follow the stick stick, you will know where the ball will roll after you hit the jab. Having a successful ball kick takes a lot of factors

3. Blink before poking balls

When you are doing a ball punch, try winking the white ball closed and the target ball more accurately. Hold your posture and make sure the sticks and arms move the most skillfully.

4. Do not forget to apply the powder to the stick before poking the ball

Before hitting a blow, always apply chalk on top of the stick stick to minimize errors. The chalk not only helps to prevent slippery (the friction between the speculator and the ball prevents this), but also helps you to perform a more precise ball punch.

5. Practice

Under the guidance of experts, hard work is always the key to all success not only in billiards but also in many other areas of life. Especially for beginners, you will need to hit the ball to master it. In other words, you should play billiards regularly – at least 3 times a week – to become more professional quickly. Remember, every day of billiards is more effective than playing 10 hours a week!

6. Play billiards with confidence

This is not only the best tip but also the secret of many professional athletes in the world. Before you do a ball punch, visualize the poke point where the cue ball rolls and stops. If you can control the cue ball and the jab, you’ll soon realize that snooker isn’t just about placing the ball, but it can be a tactical choice between a snatch or a safe play.

Basics about snooker Snooker tips

Some elements you should consider carefully before opening a billiards shop

Below are the criteria to consider when choosing a billiard table. Get started now!

top view snooker ball on snooker table vector
ElementReason for consideration
Table frameBilliard tables can be made of solid wood or MDF (Medium density fiberboard) and it is not certain which is better than which. But no matter what type you choose, you should make sure your “pool table” has 1 middle frame and 2 horizontal frames to distribute the weight of the table surface.
Stone slab as a table topA suitable billiard table is usually assembled with 3 stone slabs for easy movement, installation and flatness adjustment. The slab belongs to the main playing area of ​​the table, is located under the cloth and has 2 types: 1-blade type, 3-plate type. Currently, 3 plates is the most popular choice. The thickness of the board is usually: – 3/4 inch: commonly used as a beginner table with the cheapest cost. 1 inch: standard thickness commonly found in high-end billiard tables and is used in international tournaments by BCA (Billiard Congress of America). It is imperative that the joint points between the plates be very flat with an error of no more than 0.04mm. The flatness of the table surface is only guaranteed when the error between the two ends is 0.4mm long and 0.2mm wide.
Billiard holeHoles can be made of rubber, leather or plastic.
Ball grooveAlmost all types of billiard table have hardwood grooves.
Delivery and installation costsWhen making a purchase, make sure that the delivery costs are clearly listed in the contract, avoiding unexpectedly high costs. With a large number of purchases, it’s best to choose a free-shipping store to maximize cost savings. The installation requires professional technical assistance so you do not need to save too much money in this
Table sizeAvailable in 3 popular sizes: 7ft, 8ft and 9ft. Thoroughly calculating the space around the “pool table” for the players to shoot and the length of the muscles is a smart move you should not forget.
Budget availableDraw up a blueprint and have an estimate of how much you will pay for each billiard table.
Is it possible to return the goods?Read the terms of purchase clearly and check that you can return a defective item or refund the product.
The current state of billiard tablesBuyers should carefully check the condition of the table – used or new.
Basics about snooker Snooker tips

Experience in choosing billiard tables and balls

Choose a billiard table

Billiard tables must be qualified, removable and easy to move. A good quality billiard table will help players perform easy operations. A good billiard table will have almost absolute flatness, the ground is only allowed between the two ends, the length is 0.4mm and the width is 0.2mm.

You should choose a billiard table with inside is made of solid rubber, the top is covered with a thin cloth. Along with that, when placing, you need to ensure a reasonable distance between tables so that customers have a comfortable playing space.

How to choose billiard ball

When investing, you should prioritize buying billiards originating from Belgium or Germany because they are mostly good, well-designed and have a long life. According to the experience of many people who go before, you should not buy cheap Chinese billiards because you want cheap. They have poor durability and are easy to get dirty. Along with that, during the billiard restaurant operation, you need to clean it regularly so that the billiard ball is always shiny.

Experience in managing billiards

The characteristic of Billiards is that you manage guest playtime, you should use the verb timer to do this for yourself. Along with that, while playing, customers often have the habit of ordering drinks or snacks. Therefore, controlling the amount of food customers call is a method to limit loss for the store.

– Manage desk rooms effectively: The restaurant is crowded at peak hours, do you want your staff to serve faster? Control the number of billiard tables in use, not in use. Operate only on mobile phones, tablets. Customers will be very pleased because there is no need to wait long.

– Track guest time by hour block: Set time block as you like (15 ‘, 30’, 60 ‘for a block). You can calculate invoice value easily.

– Set up preferential rates for each different service, group of different customers.

– Accurate quantitative processing of raw materials, print bill immediately when customers order food / beverages attached.

– Control the business of billiard store anytime, anywhere via mobile phones / laptops / tablets.

With the above benefits, you will shorten management time, save costs and avoid errors. Instead of having to hire 5 employees to check inventory, cashier, dispensing, waitress, import, you can only need 2-3 employees to undertake the whole job.

Basics about snooker Snooker betting Snooker tips

Show how to play snooker betting for first-time players

Snooker betting is a similar sport to football betting, but it is held indoors and is widely used everywhere, and is loved by many people of all ages.

In the past, snooker was often held in places like bars, clubs, or pubs, and more specifically, in specialized snooker zones. So today more and more people are realizing this exciting benefit and attraction of having a pool table and being able to play at home without having to go out.

Snooker betting is just as simple as betting other sports. In snooker, there are very different types of play and betting will easily vary with the style of play.

Tròn mắt "phù thủy" bi-a chấp 1 tay, 1 chân vẫn "bá chủ" thế giới - 1

How to play snooker at the bookmakers

Snooker has been organized on a pool table with holes for players to put in. There is each hole in the corners of the table and one hole is on either side of the table, the rule has 6 holes in total.

In some ways of snooker betting, the ultimate intention is to have snooker balls in the hole. Here I will show the two most popular ways of snooker today.

There are two popular types of snooker that are 8-ball pool and 9-ball pool.

Types of betting in snooker

Thanks to the popularity of snooker betting with a large number of fans on par with many other sports, it is no surprise to see that many online betting sites have launched. There are very different types of bets for snooker.

Just like betting on football or other sports betting, to be successful, the bettors need to understand the ways of betting that the house offers.

Tròn mắt "phù thủy" bi-a chấp 1 tay, 1 chân vẫn "bá chủ" thế giới - 2

Here are some ways to play betting in snooker betting

  • Straight bet: A bet on the player who will win the tournament.
  • Match bet: Bet is placed on the player to win the match. Players can bet on many different players.
  • Handicap betting: This bet is becoming more and more popular as it is already highly profitable for many players.
  • Highest Break: A wager that has been placed on the calculations of a player with the highest break in a tournament.

Nowadays, snooker betting is spread all over the place on reputable online betting sites such as M88 that bet on the player who will win the match. In snooker, there are no draws. So it’s also much simpler to play betting.

Players also need more research should learn some dealer online to compare rates when betting game for you, so that to find the best odds for the player.

Snooker tips

What to keep in mind when studying intermediate billiards?

With a few things to share for you to practice lower, this is also the minimum required of someone who wants to make fast progress in billiards.

1. Do not despise the basics

Everything is fundamentally always important, when you break a ball then 70% of its origin is fundamentally wrong, a distraction is slow to develop the body like playing together, putting muscles on the table too quickly, forgot to ignore, did not look carefully the axis of the ball was rushed, did not click the muscle. These defects can make you stand muscles can not progress only takes a very long time.

Để học tốt bida trung cấp bạn cần lưu ý những gì?

2. Don’t underestimate any kind of compassion

Whether in front of you is a glass eye also consider carefully, calculated before hitting, subjectivity is always inversely proportional to the speed of the muscle, the easier the ball is to be more carefully, with all the situations. Beating the ball due to being too hasty, a ball, if you put the muscle down immediately, will give another result sometimes you look closely for a second or two more then hit, do not be afraid of others laughing at the thoughtful wallet. As you can easily ignore an indigenous ball, it will be even more laughable.

3. Remember your mistakes carefully

A person who has a high rate always remembers the balls he missed in the battle not long ago, every time he made a mistake and lost the whole game, he could not sleep that night. The next day, he ranked most of the game, but the ball was broken down many times. Just like that, over time, your mistakes will fall to the cheapest rate.

Để học tốt bida trung cấp bạn cần lưu ý những gì?

4. Strike tightly

In intermediate or advanced billiards, the model that people need to practice is the tightness in the ball lines, practice calculating the position when the ball returns, predict the shape of the ball after 1 shot and try not to get distorted results too generous. 

I remember with a foreign player mentioning that people lacked the tightness in handling the ball, so it was not true that the ball was collected, just running to the area is enough, please practice it. If you are going to arrange the position you want most, gradually you will see the unexpected effect.

5. Prepare really new types

 When you have learned which ball axis is behind schedule, it is the cheapest to practice it very carefully and then bring it to the fight. In any billiard ball, any balls that have not yet been trained will make you fail smoothly.

Basics about snooker Snooker tips Snooker tools

Rules of 9-ball billiard match you should know (Part 3)

Touching the ball illegally

If the target ball in the first contact of the cue ball in a shot other than the lowest ball on the table is fouled.

Marbles do not touch the ball

After hitting the cue ball on the target ball, without the target ball falling into the hole where the cue ball or any other target ball has not touched the tape, that stroke is considered a violation.

Cue ball in hand

When the cue ball is in hand, the player may place the cue ball anywhere on the table but may not touch the target cue ball. The player may continue to move the cue ball until the stroke is made.


The target ball falls off the table

The target ball is considered to fall off the table when it is located anywhere off the table. Hitting a target that falls off the table is illegal. Target balls that fall off the table are not picked up except for ball number 9

Foul 3 times in a row

If a player commits a foul 3 times in a row without making a valid stroke, then the player will be penalized for that match, 3 consecutive fouls must occur in 1 game. The warning will be given in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd fouls.

Place ball number 9

No balls in the hole after the stroke and the ball off the table will be reset except for ball 9. Ball 9 will be placed at the end of the table. While placing ball number 9, if there is an obstacle around the end of the table, it will be placed above the end of the table closest to the end of the table without moving the balls. Ball 9 is placed to stick to the obstructing ball

Terminate the match

Each match started when the cue ball rolled across the table at the start of the game. Ball number 1 must be the first goal ball to be touched by the cue ball in the play. The game is terminated when the number nine ball has been pocketed in the valid stroke or when the player has been disqualified due to breaking the law.

Snooker tips

How to bet on snooker game for newbies

This type of snooker is an indoor game developed everywhere and quite a lot of people of all ages love it.

Previously, snooker was often opened in bars, clubs, or pubs, and especially in specialized snooker areas. So today, more and more players are seeing the benefits and appeal of having a billiard table and being able to play at home without having to travel far.

Snooker betting is just as easy as betting like other sports. At snooker, there are many different ways to play and betting will also easily change according to the style of play.

cá cược bóng đá bi da

Snooker style at the house

Snooker on a pool table has small holes that help players poke the billiard balls into it. There are holes in the corners of the table and one hole is on either side of the table, so there are six holes in all.

In the form of snooker betting, the ultimate goal is to get the billiard balls into the hole. Here are two of the most common ways of playing snooker.

There are two popular styles of playing snooker: 8-ball and 9-ball snooker.

Types of betting in snooker

Thanks to the popularity and popularity of snooker betting with an overwhelming number of fans on par with many other sports, it is not surprising to see many online betting sites offering There are many different types of bets for Snooker.

Like football betting or other sports betting, in order to succeed, the betting players also need to understand the betting methods that the house has made.

Here are some ways to play betting in snooker snooker betting

  • Straight bets: A bet that is placed on the player to win the tournament.
  • Match bet: A bet that is placed on a player to win the match. Players can bet on very different players.
  • Handicap betting: This type of betting is becoming very popular because it has brought high profits to many players.
  • Highest Break Betting: A bet that has been placed in the prediction of a player with the highest break point in the tournament.

Up to now, the snooker betting format has become extremely popular throughout the prestigious online betting sites such as M88, which is a bet on a player who will succeed in the match. In snooker, there are no matches no one wins; so betting is also a lot easier.

Players also need to understand how to play as well as a number of online bookmakers to compare the odds when playing betting, so that the best odds for the players can be seen.

Its share more of you there is the M88 is one of the full odds stable for new players or just like playing sports betting has a long and rewarding policy different, mostly intended to help players to the fullest extent to be more profitable. Good luck everyone!

Basics about snooker Snooker tips

Rules of 9-ball billiard match you should know (Part 2)

Progress of the match

After a valid play, the player is entitled to play a safe shot (Push out).

If the player makes a valid start and has one or more target balls into the hole then he will continue to play until he misses, fails or wins the game. The game ends when 9 balls are pocketed in a valid stroke.

Luật bida 9 bóng

Mark safe

A player who plays after a valid opening can play a safe shot with the purpose of bringing the cue ball to a better position for the following balls.

In a safe shot, the cue ball does not necessarily have to hit the target ball or the ice touches, but the offending rules still apply.

The player must declare before deciding that he has made a safe decision, otherwise the stroke is considered a normal stroke.

Target balls that are pocketed in a safe shot will not count and will not be returned except ball 9.

After the safety of the previous player, the next player may start his turn with the position of the cue ball left by the previous player or may request the player who has just played it safely.

A safe shot is not considered illegal. After an invalid starting stroke, the next player has the right to start his turn with the cue ball in his hand, whatever position is on the table. After an invalid opening stroke the next player cannot play safely.

TÌm hiểu về luật thi đấu bi a lỗ 9 bóng


When a player has committed a rule, that player’s turn has ended. No goal in the foul will be reset except for number nine. The next player starts the turn with the cue ball in hand anywhere on the table. If the foul is committed more than once in the same stroke, it is only considered 1 foul.

Basics about snooker Snooker tips

Rules of 9-ball billiard match you should know (Part 1)

This article will provide rules of 9 ball pool for you and those who are passionate about billiards in general as well as the 9 ball pool in particular.

These rules apply in national and international tournament competitions.

The goal of the match

In 9-ball pool competition, the target balls are numbered 1 to 9 and 1 cue ball. The target ball for each stroke that the first cue ball touches is the ball with the lowest index on the table, however the goal balls in the hole are not necessarily in this order.


After the first player to miss, the next player has to play the remaining balls on the table as specified above. If the previous player makes a mistake then the next player has the right to start his turn with the cue ball anywhere on the table. The game ends when one of the two players wins the full set of rules as required by the match

Opening marbles

The target balls are arranged in a rhombus in a triangle shape with the number 1 ball at the top of the rhombus and above the end of the table, the number 9 ball in the middle of the rhombus and the remaining balls are arranged around. The balls are arranged as tightly as possible. The game starts with a cue ball in hand and placed behind the cross of the table

The order of play

The winner of the contest wins the right to start. In the event of 9 balls, the winner of each game will start in the next game unless there are other rules of the organizers such as:

• The player alternately starts

• The losing player starts

• The winner wins the game

Luật bida 9 bóng

Stroke valid

The player must use the cue ball to hit directly on the number 1 ball. The shot must be valid when the target ball is pocketed or at least 4 target balls touch the ice

In a roll, a cue ball in the hole or a jump off the table or the rules of the roll are not guaranteed as an error. An unsecured player is considered an error. The next player will start his turn with the cue ball in hand at any position on the table.

In the opening stroke, if one or more target balls are dropped from the table then it is considered as an error and the next player will start his turn with the cue ball in his hand anywhere on the table. Target balls will not be reset except ball 9.