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The snooker superstar lost £ 30,000 for a mistake

The No. 1 Chinese player and number 3 seed of the tournament missed the chance to score the maximum score on the snooker table, thereby winning £ 30,000 for the wrong reason.

The snooker world championship round 1 continues to take place. Top seeds such as Ding Junhui (3rd seed), Neil Robertson (4), Barry Hawkins (5) have all entered the match and they all won tickets to the second round.

Ding Junhui had an emotional game against British player Mark Davis. A bad start, the Asian muscle hand let the 42-year-old Davis lead 4-0, suddenly awakening the former world No. 1 to get back 3 games quickly before allowing the British muscle to lead 3-5.

Drama took place in game 9, when Ding Junhui had a chance to break 147 points (the maximum number of points in a game), after having eaten 12 red balls (1 point each) and 12 black balls ( 7 points) to get 96 points and if you continue to hit like that and then clear the hand, China will get a bonus of £ 30,000.

But due to his lack of focus on breaking records, he managed to get the green goal ball (6 points) in the middle of the table and missed the chance to set a record. Needless to say how regretful a 28-year-old muscle hand was after that situation, he held his head regretfully and forced a smile, the audience and rival Davis were also surprised by the heartless situation of the Asian muscle arm.

“I didn’t think about it (record) until I knew I could score 147. I’m just trying to score more than 100 points, but I don’t think I’ll set a record. I don’t know, it’s true, I’m sorry… “. Ding Junhui expressed regret after the match.

After that rare mistake, Ding regained his composure and continued to show his class with a 10-7 victory over Davis. In the second round, Ding Junhui will face the legendary 39-year-old John Higgins four times world champion.

Another former world number 1 and former world champion 2010 – Neil Robertson has a convincing 10-2 victory over Jamie Jones. Worth mentioning in this match, the Australian player also had 3 moves over 100 points, especially in the third game Robertson scored 143 points, the score was almost absolute and he almost got 30,000. In round 2, the Australian mechanic will meet Allister Carter, the world’s number 13.

Basics about snooker Snooker Players

The Prince of Persia hopes to inspire the development of snooker

Iran’s top player Hossein Vafaei netted a stunning 4-1 win over Ding Junhui in the final round of 16 of the World Grand Prix and believes his success could spur the development of snooker.

Vafaei became the first Iranian professional player when he entered the tournament in 2015, and has since been joined by Soheil Vahedi. In recent seasons, he has had remarkable success, which helps him reach three semi-finals of the ranking event and climbing to 37 world place.

Today’s performance against Ding showed his ability as he hit breaks at 86, 134 and 51.

He had lost. There, he played good sports, people supported him. They loved him to play well.

Selby went on to win a second consecutive championship, beating Anthony McGill 4-2. Leicester’s Selby beat Ronnie and Oullivan 9-3 in the final of last Sunday’s Scotland Open final and have continued their momentum. In the eight frames he won this week, he’s made a century and seven more over 50.

Stays 134 and 58 gave him a 2-0 lead over McGill, then his opponents hit back 2-2 with 87 and 128. World number four Selby responded with 86 and 91 to reach the final eight.

Four-time world champion John Higgins failed 4-3 against rising Chinese potter Zhao Xintong. 111 and 137 clearances gave Zhao a 3-1 lead, then he missed the ball twice in the fifth frame and that opened the door for Higgins to make a 3-3 comeback.

The decider went down to red in the end, and Zhao slashed an awfully long pot into the top corner, before turning pink to win.

Zhao now faces Jack Lisowski, who played better in the Gloucestershire derby against Robert Milkins, winning 4-0. After an erratic opening frame, Lisowski overcame the last three in just 32 minutes, making breaks for 130, 127 and 56.

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Did you know about the History of Snooker? (Part 1)

The Snooker game, which was invented by Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain in India in 1845, was a psychological game with quite simple rules.

The hands must hit 15 red balls one after another in the other 6 colors in the hole. Each red fruit is counted 1 point, other colors from 2 to 7 points.

The red balls in the hole will stay there, and the colored balls will be left in place while there are still red balls on the table. When there are no red marbles, colored balls will be hit in the hole in order of points. A game is considered over when one side wins an overwhelming number of points that the opponent cannot catch or the balls are hit on the table.

Each match has 17 games and can last 8 hours. The muscular arms will move about 5 km, and lose about 4 kg.

Snooker is an equation with lots of unknowns in which psychology plays a very important role. Other external conditions such as dust, humidity on the felt can also change the track of the ball.

If the sun shines on the table, the ball will run faster, if it is cold it will move quickly. Therefore, the professional mechanics often play in the room with curtains and at the right temperature of 18’C. The counter is heated.

Before each match, people stretch the felt. Absorb the smallest dust particles. The pros play with oak two-piece muscles. While billiards are normally played in clubs filled with cigarette smoke, beer, and heavy alcohol, snookers have always been a solemn place in Snooker clubs.

Players wear smoking or a shirt, wearing a bow very politely. In the UK, China and Thailand, snooker is considered a popular sport. In the UK alone, there are 350 hours of television snooker per year and ranks second after football.

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Devastated UK champion Ronnie O’Sullivan has been moved out of his favorite city

World champion Ronnie O’Sullivan admits he was devastated. The UK Championship won’t take place in his favorite city of York later this month due to the global health pandemic.

Due to the UK government’s strict health guidelines, the 2020/21 season was shifted to temporary operation at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes with players having to check Covid-19 regularly at events.

This year’s UK Betway Championship will be held for the first time at Milton Keynes, according to Covid-19 Government regulation, the World Snooker Tour tournament organizer said in a statement Wednesday.

One of the snooker’s most prestigious events and part of the Triple Crown Series, the tournament has been held in the York Barbican since 2011. But in this year, all rounds will take place at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes , which runs from November 23 to December 6.

O’Sullivan lifted his sixth world title in Sheffield in August with just a few hundred fans acknowledged at the Crucible for the final two days, but says playing every tournament behind closed doors at A town isn’t ideal for this sport.

The seven-time UK champion wants to compete at the KT Entertainment Center in Crawley – where he was rated for the smell of urine at the 2018 English Open – rather than being forced to go to every tournament at Milton Keynes.

O’Sullivan, who becomes the winner of a ranking event at the age of 17, said: “It is, but at some point you want fans to come back because there are no fans. . Hendry 10-6 in the 1993 UK final. Listen, you feed them sometimes and it’s nice to be out in front of the crowd”

“It’s a pity we don’t go back to York. I was devastated by that is my favorite city across the country, even worldwide, number two in the world told Eurosport.”

“Not to go there and return to Milton Keynes – it is as difficult in many ways as you have to keep going to Milton Keynes.

We were very disappointed not to come to York Barbican for this year’s Betway UK Championship because it is such a great location in a great city, Hearn said. Yorkers can rest assured that we fully intend to return to York next year and in fact, we have agreed on the dates for 2021 and 2022 with the location.”

“After extensive consultation with the UK Government and relevant public health authorities, the decision to rank all the matches at Milton Keynes this time has been taken. It’s an ideal location, we’re working with a special team there and we’ve demonstrated over the past few months that we can host major tournaments there, with 128 participation. players, safely and successfully.”

In the circumstances we face today, our key goal is to keep events on track, provide competitive action and bonuses to our high-end players and sports for millions of television viewers around the world who are in need of inspiration.

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Jordan Spieth demonstrated his talent to play billiards

Attending The Masters for 5 consecutive years since 2014, Jordan Spieth is one of the brightest candidates for The Masters championship.

If in the last 4 years, the world’s No. 4 golfer soon made a strong impression thanks to 1 championship and 2 times the final second place, then after the first round of the year, Jordan Spieth has established. An equally impressive record. That is through a total of 17 rounds, he has 9 rounds to place number 1. This achievement helps Jordan Spieth ranked 6th in the list of golfers with the most rounds of The Masters leading, equal with legendary golfer Tiger Woods.

In addition to the talent that helped Jordan Spieth rise to number 1 in the world in 2015 and maintain his lead on the chart for 26 weeks, the golfer who won major three times also has many other sports talents. For example, billiards, Jordan Spieth freely accepted to participate in a billiards match with David Feherty – a former professional golfer and now a producer and commentator on television.

Also must calculate the angle, direction, hitting force, but on the billiards table is a very different image of Jordan Spieth. At this time, fans hope that, when the epidemic is over, when the tournaments return, Jordan Spieth will also return with the best form.

When Brooks Kopeka reached the top of glory on the world golf chart, another former No. 1 golfer continued to slip. Jordan Spieth did not attend the CJ Cup golf tournament last week, in which Brooks Koepka won the trophy. This caused the American golfer to fall from No. 10 to No. 11, and was the first time he was not in the top 10 of the best golfers in the world since November 2014.

Since that time, Jordan Spieth has won 12 golf tournaments around the world, including three major tournaments. He has 26 weeks to hold No. 1 on the chart. But since July this year, the 25-year-old golfer has failed to win a single tournament, and was eliminated from the Tour Championship for the first time in his career.

The top 10 golfers on the current chart include Brooks Koepka, who just came to No. 1 a week ago. In second place is Dustin Johnson. It was followed by Justin Rose, Justin Thomas, Rory McilRoy, Francesco Molinari, Bryson DeChambeau, Jon Rahm, Rickie Fowler and Jason Day.

With such a good record in recent years, famous golfer Tiger Woods has held the world’s No. 13 position for the fifth consecutive week.

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World billiard shock: The first player to die because of Covid-19

The famous South American player Oscar Ticona recently passed away because the Covid-19 epidemic has shocked the world billiard community.

The South American billiard community and the world were stunned recently when the Bolivian Billiards Federation announced that Oscar Ticona had passed away because Covid-19 was at the age of 58. 

Oscar Ticona is considered a monument of billiard Bolivia, dominating the country for many years. He is also one of the players with the most appearances in South American international tournaments.

During his career, Ticona has competed in most famous cities of South America such as Manizales, Medellin, Bogota, Quito, Lima, Santiago or Buenos Aires. He has repeatedly been in the top of the best players in the Panamerican Championship – the prestigious professional 3-band carom tournament of South America.

After learning the news, a series of famous fighters expressed their shock as well as shared their grief with Mr. Ticona’s family. Alexander Salazar (Colombia) wrote: “Ticona is the elite representative of Bolivian billiards. I remember the memories of playing with him across the continent”

Player Ricardo Migliavacca (Argentina) shared: “We are very sad to announce the departure of Ticona, a victim of Covid-19. He is an outstanding player in his country. His departure will be a exellent loss. We extend our condolences to the Ticona family and the Bolivian Billiards Federation”.

In addition to expressing grief, player Luis Aveiga (Ecuador) also revealed that the wife of a famous colleague had also passed away a year earlier.

Mr. Oscar Ticona is the first case in which a player in the world has died from the Covid pandemic. Previously, the Covid-19 pandemic caused death of 2 athletes in sports. They are Iranian female futsal player Elham Sheikhi (23 years old) and Chinese fitness champion Qiu Jun (70 years old).

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The marbles in billiards may not be known

Depending on the types of billiards, billiards are used differently such as pool, carom (France) or snooker often use small marbles. The sizes and weights of these marbles depend on the particular playing genre but have different sizes and weights.

According to the documents, the first billiard ball was made from wood and clay (to the 20th century some places still apply). Although it is affordable, in Europe, beef bones are quite popular to make billiard balls, but from 1627 to the 20th century people preferred to use ivory as a material. By the middle of the 19th century, the killing of elephants for ivory became an alarm, so it was decided not to make more than 8 tablets per ivory. And with such rampant hunting, elephants were pushed to the brink of extinction, a New York supplier awarded prizes of up to $10,000 to anyone who found a substitute material. So (today, the award is still there, but the reward is only about 178 dollars)

By 1969, John Wesley Hyatt created a compound called nitrocellulose and became the first American to create billiard balls. By 1870, another compound was invented, Celluloid, which unfortunately is volatile when produced and sometimes exploded. However, the evidence to support it is not clear.

Then, to avoid material instability, other synthetic materials were tested such as Bakelite, Crystalite and several other compounds.

Today’s high demands for precision billiard balls have been met by billiard ball molds from plastic materials that have stiff properties that resist breaking or chipping to billiard balls. Currently, Saluc, under the names of firms like Aramith and Brunswick Centennial, produces balls from phenol. Other plastics and plastics such as Polium ester (Polyester) (under different trade names) and Acrylic resin are also used, by competing between companies such as Elephant Balls Ltd, Frenzy Sports and Vigma.

Types of marbles

Billiard ball

In the carom billiards marbles are not numbered and distinguished by the color of the marbles.

  • Red shade
  • White ball
  • 2nd white shade (some places use yellow shade for easy distinction)

Billiards international hole

There are a total of 15 marbles numbered from 1 to 15 and 1 marbles are white or ivory white. Depending on the style of play, people use 9 balls (9 ball pool) or all 15 balls (pool 8 ball). The color and number of marbles are specified as follows

1 = gold

2 = green

3 = red

4 = Purple (it may be pink depending on the kit)

5 = orange

6 = dark green

7 = brown or dark brown

8 = black

9 = white yellow stripes

10 = blue and white stripes

11 = red white stripe

12 = purple white stripe (or pink white stripe)

13 = oranges with white stripes

14 = green with white stripes

15 = brown or dark brown with white stripe

Billiard-hole in English style

Similar to Pool 8 ball consists of 15 marbles, including 1 white, 1 black ball and 2 groups of red and yellow marbles (each side 7 balls).

Snooker billiards

A pool of American hole billiards (9 ball pool, 8 ball pool…) and English hole billiards consists of 21 target marbles and 1 master ball. In it, there are 15 red marbles worth 1 point. The remaining 6 colored marbles have different scores, namely:

Gold = 2 points

Green = 3 points

Brown = 4 points

Green = 5 points

Pink = 6 points

Black = 7 points

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Interesting things about snooker history

Billiards has long been a familiar and widely loved sport in the world. In some countries, the snooker fan with this number is not inferior. However, have you ever wondered how Billiards was born? Join us to learn about the interesting things that swirl around the small ball in the article below.

Development history

Antique illustration of sports and exercises: Knurr and Spell

In Europe, people began to play billiards – an outdoor game on clay tables using marbles and sticks from the 13th century. There are records in 1469, which is 16 years after being taken by the Turks. Invasion, had billiard tables. However, it is not yet agreed which country billiards were first. Particularly in France, history books clearly stated: The first wooden billiard table from the time of King Louis 11; The author is Mr. Henri de Vigue played for the king to play.

Before King Louis ordered the table, this sport was mainly played outdoors, players would use their sticks in the shape of a golf club to hit the ball through a small iron frame, in front of which there were many. Obstacles are different, whoever overcomes all obstacles and hits the iron frame first will be the winner.

And since King Louis ordered that table, history has started to turn the page with billiards. People moved from outdoor to indoor and the sticks and frames were reduced to fit the size of the table.

In 1643, the Dutch landed in New York (originally named New Netherland) and introduced billiards here. Soon, billiard associations sprung up across South and North America. In Europe, from the 17th century, in Germany – Austria started to play billiards; In Northern Europe, billiards entered Denmark in 1766, and then to Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

To the east, it was the Dutch who occupied Indonesia in 1636 and brought billiards here. By 1560, Japan learned that billiards was brought by Dutch sailors. Today, Japan is the country with the most billiard clubs and has also produced many billiard champions. The head of the Japanese billiard association is Mr. Tsuneyoshi Takeda, a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Through historical periods, billiard gradually became more and more people turned to hitting balls in the hole and the curved stick to hit the balls was no longer suitable. As a result, many people have started to give up the old style stick and switch to the long, straight and small-headed stick that we today call muscle. With the change of its play style as well as its popularity no longer confined to the aristocracy, so many billiards clubs began to appear, along with many forms of competition. different match like American style pool, billiard carom, 8 ball pool, snooker, 9 ball pool …


Billiards have many different names between countries: Italians call this game biglia, the French then Bilhard, in Spain it is called Virlota and the British call it “Ball-yard”. Today the international name is Billiard.

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Billiards SEA Games: The photo makes Reyes and the Philippines feel happy!

Efren “Bata” Reyes was unable to win a gold medal at the SEA Games, which could be considered his last. However, both the billiards Philippines and the “Witch” themselves are comforted by the winner’s attitude.

Billiards SEA Games 30 is so closed under the unsatisfied scenario of both Filipino host 2019 and witch Efren Reyes. Because after decades of fighting, Efren “Bata” Reyes is still a leading legend of the world mechanics village, but no longer scary magic as before.

Billiards SEA Games: Bức ảnh khiến phù thủy Reyes cùng Philippines cảm thấy hạnh phúc!

Consequently, in Reyes’ last possible match at the SEA Games, the 65-year-old general lost to the Vietnamese defense. “I really don’t know what else to say, but this is a difficult game because my technique has faded rather than progressed,” Reyes confessed.

Of course, Reyes remains modest. Because although there is no peak of his performance, he is still as dangerous as when winning the Thai player Punyawee Thongchai 100-37 in the 1-carom content. But when he met Ngo Dinh Nai at the age of 38, the symbol of the Philippines billiards had accepted a clear defeat 100-14.

Despite the easy win, the world champion of carom content took action to make the Philippines billiards village feel like crying with emotion: He invited Reyes to take a picture after shaking hands to finish the match, even praising him. He is a legend.

Billiards SEA Games: Bức ảnh khiến "phù thủy" Reyes cùng ...

Come here, you need to say it clearly again. Reyes may not have said the wrong thing, but that must have been a few decades ago, when he was at his peak and not yet in pool. Besides, maybe the Filipino sports leaders forgot to tell the billiards old man that even though the island nation is the only country currently represented in the Top 5 in the world for both men and women. That is why the 30th SEA Games only left 1 carom content 1 tape for Reyes to show off.

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The legendary snooker get the maximum number of points

Ronnie O’Sullivan, the only English player in the world, has just set a record for snooker. In one chance, Sullivan scored 147 points, which is the maximum number of points in this game.

The player nicknamed “The Rocket” once more recorded his name in history when he was 13, going an absolute score at the snooker billiards – UK Championship taking place in  York Barbican, England.

In the match in the fourth round,  Ronnie O’Sullivan had a 6-0 destruction victory over the Scottish – Matthew Selt. Winning the ticket to go to the quarterfinals with an impressive victory, but the way the number 4 world winner in game 6 is even more impressive.

Huyền thoại snooker đi 1 cơ ăn điểm tuyệt đối - 1

In the final game, take advantage of opportunities when rival Matthew Selt has a tragic situation. “The Rocket” took full advantage of the opportunity, he took a chance to clear the table and score maximum points in the snooker.

O’Sullivan’s scoreline marked the 109th time with one hand reaching the maximum point (147 points in snooker). For the 38-year-old English goalkeeper, this is the 13th time he has achieved this feat, which is a feat that no player has ever achieved.

Outstandingly pass Matthew Selt in the fourth round. O’Sullivan went on to win a 6-4 victory over Anthony McGill to place his name in the semi-final of the UK Championship.

Ronnie O'Sullivan: World Snooker made 'mistake' over reason for ...
About the number 1 hand of England and former No. 1 of the world Ronnie O’Sullivan:
– Born December 5, 1975.
– Play snooker from 10 years old, get maximum score of 147 points at age 15.
– Become a professional fighter at 16 years old.
– With a very fast style of attack, the British hand is nicknamed “The Rocket”.
– Keeping a world record with a table cleaner takes only 5 minutes 20 seconds.
– Former No. 1 in the world, 5 times in the world, 5 times in the Masters snooker and four times in the UK Championship.
– Sullivan is 2nd in the list of athletes who have taken a muscle to score over 100 points in a single trip (with 750 times). 
First place was Scottish athlete Stephen Hendry 775 times.