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World billiard shock: The first player to die because of Covid-19

The famous South American player Oscar Ticona recently passed away because the Covid-19 epidemic has shocked the world billiard community.

The South American billiard community and the world were stunned recently when the Bolivian Billiards Federation announced that Oscar Ticona had passed away because Covid-19 was at the age of 58. 

Oscar Ticona is considered a monument of billiard Bolivia, dominating the country for many years. He is also one of the players with the most appearances in South American international tournaments.

During his career, Ticona has competed in most famous cities of South America such as Manizales, Medellin, Bogota, Quito, Lima, Santiago or Buenos Aires. He has repeatedly been in the top of the best players in the Panamerican Championship – the prestigious professional 3-band carom tournament of South America.

After learning the news, a series of famous fighters expressed their shock as well as shared their grief with Mr. Ticona’s family. Alexander Salazar (Colombia) wrote: “Ticona is the elite representative of Bolivian billiards. I remember the memories of playing with him across the continent”

Player Ricardo Migliavacca (Argentina) shared: “We are very sad to announce the departure of Ticona, a victim of Covid-19. He is an outstanding player in his country. His departure will be a exellent loss. We extend our condolences to the Ticona family and the Bolivian Billiards Federation”.

In addition to expressing grief, player Luis Aveiga (Ecuador) also revealed that the wife of a famous colleague had also passed away a year earlier.

Mr. Oscar Ticona is the first case in which a player in the world has died from the Covid pandemic. Previously, the Covid-19 pandemic caused death of 2 athletes in sports. They are Iranian female futsal player Elham Sheikhi (23 years old) and Chinese fitness champion Qiu Jun (70 years old).

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Show how to play snooker betting for first-time players

Snooker betting is a similar sport to football betting, but it is held indoors and is widely used everywhere, and is loved by many people of all ages.

In the past, snooker was often held in places like bars, clubs, or pubs, and more specifically, in specialized snooker zones. So today more and more people are realizing this exciting benefit and attraction of having a pool table and being able to play at home without having to go out.

Snooker betting is just as simple as betting other sports. In snooker, there are very different types of play and betting will easily vary with the style of play.

Tròn mắt "phù thủy" bi-a chấp 1 tay, 1 chân vẫn "bá chủ" thế giới - 1

How to play snooker at the bookmakers

Snooker has been organized on a pool table with holes for players to put in. There is each hole in the corners of the table and one hole is on either side of the table, the rule has 6 holes in total.

In some ways of snooker betting, the ultimate intention is to have snooker balls in the hole. Here I will show the two most popular ways of snooker today.

There are two popular types of snooker that are 8-ball pool and 9-ball pool.

Types of betting in snooker

Thanks to the popularity of snooker betting with a large number of fans on par with many other sports, it is no surprise to see that many online betting sites have launched. There are very different types of bets for snooker.

Just like betting on football or other sports betting, to be successful, the bettors need to understand the ways of betting that the house offers.

Tròn mắt "phù thủy" bi-a chấp 1 tay, 1 chân vẫn "bá chủ" thế giới - 2

Here are some ways to play betting in snooker betting

  • Straight bet: A bet on the player who will win the tournament.
  • Match bet: Bet is placed on the player to win the match. Players can bet on many different players.
  • Handicap betting: This bet is becoming more and more popular as it is already highly profitable for many players.
  • Highest Break: A wager that has been placed on the calculations of a player with the highest break in a tournament.

Nowadays, snooker betting is spread all over the place on reputable online betting sites such as M88 that bet on the player who will win the match. In snooker, there are no draws. So it’s also much simpler to play betting.

Players also need more research should learn some dealer online to compare rates when betting game for you, so that to find the best odds for the player.

Basics about snooker

What is the benefit of playing billiards?

Billiards are not just a hobby or a sport with a sense of entertainment, billiards have existed and developed for a long time thanks to the great benefits for human health.

– About health benefits

The activities of billiards make players not only active hands but also have to move constantly around the billiard table in continuous time between matches, so it burns a huge amount of calories in the body.

Chơi bida xuất hiện từ những năm 1400

+ Toned muscles

Although it is not a muscle-focused sport, the movements in beer play make players lean, stretch, balance body, move arms, legs and body flexibly, so if you play in over a long period of time, it will help your muscles become clear and firm.

+ Slow aging process

According to a study on a large number of billiards players, most people will drink beer when they play this sport. Yeast combined with continuous activity will have a beneficial effect on the body. One of its greatest benefits has been shown to help slow down the aging process.

– Perfecting skills

+ Increased concentration ability

Playing billiards, you not only use your hands to hit the marbles, you also have to use your brain to think, your eyes and hands are focused to achieve accuracy. Playing billiards for a long time will increase the player’s ability to concentrate.

+ Help players practice temper

In addition to the ability to focus, playing billiards also helps the player to be calmer in all situations. Because playing beer requires players to carefully step, think, calculate before making any decisions.

+ Flexible coordination between hands, eyes

The request of the billiards player is a well-coordinated and responsive coordination of the eyes and hands. Both analyzing with the eyes and adjusting hand manipulation while playing will make the players have the most flexible reflexes in the most natural way.

+ Help the brain to be more sensitive

Analysis, thinking, and imagining are the continuous activities that a billiard player’s brain needs to deal with. The longer you play, the more skilled your experience and skills make your brain more sensitive.

– Suitable for all subjects

The most popular audience for this sport is young men. But this is considered a sport that is suitable for all subjects, both men and women, of all ages. In particular, the elderly are encouraged to play billiards because it does not require too much health but brings many health benefits.

– Bring comfort to the spirit

Like all recreational sports, playing billiards makes players feel comfortable, reduce stress, elated spirit, and energy. In addition, skills that are developed during play, such as calmness and concentration, can make you better handle many things in life. This gives you a comfortable spiritual life.

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Rules of 9-ball billiard match you should know (Part 3)

Touching the ball illegally

If the target ball in the first contact of the cue ball in a shot other than the lowest ball on the table is fouled.

Marbles do not touch the ball

After hitting the cue ball on the target ball, without the target ball falling into the hole where the cue ball or any other target ball has not touched the tape, that stroke is considered a violation.

Cue ball in hand

When the cue ball is in hand, the player may place the cue ball anywhere on the table but may not touch the target cue ball. The player may continue to move the cue ball until the stroke is made.


The target ball falls off the table

The target ball is considered to fall off the table when it is located anywhere off the table. Hitting a target that falls off the table is illegal. Target balls that fall off the table are not picked up except for ball number 9

Foul 3 times in a row

If a player commits a foul 3 times in a row without making a valid stroke, then the player will be penalized for that match, 3 consecutive fouls must occur in 1 game. The warning will be given in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd fouls.

Place ball number 9

No balls in the hole after the stroke and the ball off the table will be reset except for ball 9. Ball 9 will be placed at the end of the table. While placing ball number 9, if there is an obstacle around the end of the table, it will be placed above the end of the table closest to the end of the table without moving the balls. Ball 9 is placed to stick to the obstructing ball

Terminate the match

Each match started when the cue ball rolled across the table at the start of the game. Ball number 1 must be the first goal ball to be touched by the cue ball in the play. The game is terminated when the number nine ball has been pocketed in the valid stroke or when the player has been disqualified due to breaking the law.

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Rules of 9-ball billiard match you should know (Part 2)

Progress of the match

After a valid play, the player is entitled to play a safe shot (Push out).

If the player makes a valid start and has one or more target balls into the hole then he will continue to play until he misses, fails or wins the game. The game ends when 9 balls are pocketed in a valid stroke.

Luật bida 9 bóng

Mark safe

A player who plays after a valid opening can play a safe shot with the purpose of bringing the cue ball to a better position for the following balls.

In a safe shot, the cue ball does not necessarily have to hit the target ball or the ice touches, but the offending rules still apply.

The player must declare before deciding that he has made a safe decision, otherwise the stroke is considered a normal stroke.

Target balls that are pocketed in a safe shot will not count and will not be returned except ball 9.

After the safety of the previous player, the next player may start his turn with the position of the cue ball left by the previous player or may request the player who has just played it safely.

A safe shot is not considered illegal. After an invalid starting stroke, the next player has the right to start his turn with the cue ball in his hand, whatever position is on the table. After an invalid opening stroke the next player cannot play safely.

TÌm hiểu về luật thi đấu bi a lỗ 9 bóng


When a player has committed a rule, that player’s turn has ended. No goal in the foul will be reset except for number nine. The next player starts the turn with the cue ball in hand anywhere on the table. If the foul is committed more than once in the same stroke, it is only considered 1 foul.

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Rules of 9-ball billiard match you should know (Part 1)

This article will provide rules of 9 ball pool for you and those who are passionate about billiards in general as well as the 9 ball pool in particular.

These rules apply in national and international tournament competitions.

The goal of the match

In 9-ball pool competition, the target balls are numbered 1 to 9 and 1 cue ball. The target ball for each stroke that the first cue ball touches is the ball with the lowest index on the table, however the goal balls in the hole are not necessarily in this order.


After the first player to miss, the next player has to play the remaining balls on the table as specified above. If the previous player makes a mistake then the next player has the right to start his turn with the cue ball anywhere on the table. The game ends when one of the two players wins the full set of rules as required by the match

Opening marbles

The target balls are arranged in a rhombus in a triangle shape with the number 1 ball at the top of the rhombus and above the end of the table, the number 9 ball in the middle of the rhombus and the remaining balls are arranged around. The balls are arranged as tightly as possible. The game starts with a cue ball in hand and placed behind the cross of the table

The order of play

The winner of the contest wins the right to start. In the event of 9 balls, the winner of each game will start in the next game unless there are other rules of the organizers such as:

• The player alternately starts

• The losing player starts

• The winner wins the game

Luật bida 9 bóng

Stroke valid

The player must use the cue ball to hit directly on the number 1 ball. The shot must be valid when the target ball is pocketed or at least 4 target balls touch the ice

In a roll, a cue ball in the hole or a jump off the table or the rules of the roll are not guaranteed as an error. An unsecured player is considered an error. The next player will start his turn with the cue ball in hand at any position on the table.

In the opening stroke, if one or more target balls are dropped from the table then it is considered as an error and the next player will start his turn with the cue ball in his hand anywhere on the table. Target balls will not be reset except ball 9.

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Snooker billiards and the basics you should know

If you just want to play this type of game at billiards clubs for fun and entertainment without playing in regular tournaments, here are some basic rules of snooker for you.

1. Billiard equipment

Similar to other types of hole billiards, you also need a billiard table with 6 net pockets and the only difference is the number of balls used to play snooker billiards with 22 balls divided into 3 groups: white, 15 balls red and 6 different colors. Each colored ball will bring different score values ​​from 1 to 7, namely Red = 1, Yellow = 2, Green = 3, Brown = 4, Blue = 5, Pink = 6 and Black = 7.

2. Whoever scores more points wins

Different from 8-ball and 9-ball billiards, snooker billiards determine the winner or loser based on the number of points the player has scored. The player’s score will be accumulated based on the number of balls the player hits in the hole. Each marble will have a corresponding number of points, when no more marbles on the table, the two sides will see who scored more points, the winner belongs to that person.

4. Decide who to fight first

Depending on the agreement of the party, which one to choose first to fight first.

5. Alternating groups of red marbles – colored balls

Similar to other types of billiards, the player must pocket a ball during his turn to continue, but different in that he is required to hit the red ball first in his turn then continue. Colored marbles group. This will be repeated until the player has beaten all pairs of red balls – colored or foul. When the number of red balls is on the table, the colored balls hit in the hole will be picked up and repositioned.

Note, when the whole red ball is no longer on the table, the player must play the colored balls in the order of the score from low to high, if any player hits the wrong order it is also considered a violation.

6. Switching

When the first player to take the turn loses, the first player to hit the red ball in the net and hit the colored ball and repeat as section 5.

7. Finish the game

The game will end when there is no other ball than the cue ball on the table, then the two sides will compare to see who scores more, that person will win the game. However, there are some cases where the two sides agree to compare the current score of the two sides to score even though there are still goals on the table.

These are just general things for you to play with friends at the clubs, if you want to play in regular tournaments, you should carefully study the rules of the game in this category.

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The best billiard players in the world (Part 2)

Jaspers Dick

Jaspers Dick is a Dutch professional player. Besides the world’s number 1 billiard player Frédéric, he is ranked 2nd on the world-renowned defense rankings. Jasper Dick practiced playing billiards at an early age. He played weakly at the pub, where his parents worked. Before starting his professional career, he spent some time in the Dutch youth championship from 1974 to 1980.

Jaspers Dick - Kẻ đi 4 cơ xé toang lịch sử

The professional mechanics often call Dick with the respect on the princess. He is one of the winners of the most prestigious 3-ball pool. His name has always been with Frédéric or Torbjorn Blomdahl. Specifically, he has won the world championship 5 times with 3 individuals, 2 teammates. Dick 4 times proclaimed the King in Europe and 5 gold medals in the World Cup stages. In the recent match, just 4 muscles Dick got 40 points. This officially helped him break the previous 4-ball billiard record. 

Kim Haeng Jik

Kim Haeng Jik is a talented young Korean player. Recently, he has excelled in the top 3 of the world mechanics rankings. Haeng Jik has had 4 world champions in his career. It was 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012. In 2015, he also successfully won the Asian championship. However, the future of Kim Haeng Jik may be somewhat lessened now. The cause is due to the conflict between UMB and KBF. 

Why are billiard tournaments more open and professional? 

Billiards are no longer simply a sport for entertainment. Billiards players must always focus, coach meticulous, accurate. At the same time, they must know how to calculate and be flexible and flexible in all situations. This is probably the special thing that attracts more and more people to join the billiards. 

Vì sao các giải đấu bida ngày càng được mở rộng và chuyên  nghiệp hơn?

The professional leagues dreamed of finding many talented seeds. The number 1 players in the world billiards in turn are honored with remarkable achievements through each year. The top billiard players in the world mentioned above are amazing players. Their achievement is something anyone aspires to have. 

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The terms in carom billiards you should know (Part 1)

Carom billiards, sometimes referred to as carambole billiards or simply carambole.

Billiard balls are usually played on net-free tables, measuring 1.5 x 3 m (5 x 10 ft), using two balls (one for each player) and one or two target balls. Here are some terms for carom billiards.

The terms in carom billiards

Free game (French: Libre)

This is a simple subject multiplying in Carom subjects. The necessary and sufficient condition to score points in this subject is when the host has hit the other two target balls (of course, it is not illegal to handle the ball, touch the ball, etc.) directly or, how many bands optional. In addition, later free-games have one more limited area that is only hit 2 points in each corner of the table that we often call the cutting area.

The nurse

Temporarily called that eye bi in general. These are the ideal figures in the Free Game game to make a big series.


This is the ideal eye along the ball that people still call briefly Ken/Kent. This technique is called the American series because it was formed and developed from American players like Willie Hoppe, Maurice Daily.


After the players have mastered the free-game (libre) game, they require some changes to the billiard game to be more challenging. One of those changes is adding more constraints on the number of consecutive carom until at least one of the two target balls out of an area in the table. The word balk-line is understood as the marked lines to divide the area. The subject has many different contents, usually in the form of a/b (ab), where a is the width of the divided square by lines, and b is the maximum number of points (carom) allowed to be played before either of the target balls leave the area. Therefore, the bigger it is, the smaller it is.

Basics about snooker

Basic information about snooker beginners should know

Snooker is quite popular today. However, there are many people who are not sure how to play this game. Let’s Billiards learn more about how to play this exciting billiard!

What is billiard snooker?

The snooker billiard is originally from India and was invented by Sir Neville Chamberlain. This game is played with a fairly simple technique with 15 balls of the same color red with 6 different colored balls and 1 cue ball. Snooker billiard table consists of 6 holes with net pockets.

Snooker billiard table

Each match will have 17 games long and short depending on the ability of the hands to play but usually about 8 hours.

One thing that is said to be quite interesting while playing billiard snooker is that the external factors have a lot of influence on the way of the ball. The hot temperature is the ball runs faster but the cold it slows down, dust, humidity.

 To serve the needs of playing billiards snooker for professional mechanics requires a heated table about 18 degrees Celsius, a table of quality standards, a room with curtains and arranged in a luxurious place.

Playing equipment

A total of 22 are used to play snooker, divided into 3 groups including 1 white cue ball, 15 red balls and 6 different colored balls. The number of points for the marbles is calculated as follows: Red Ball 1 point, Yellow 2 points, Green 3 points, Brown 4 points, Blue 5 points, Pink 6 points and Black 7 points.

Decisive win or lose

The winning or losing hand of the hand is based on the number of points that the mechanical hands score. Each ball hit in the hole will have the corresponding score according to the rules. However, the player must hit the red ball first, otherwise the red ball will count as a foul.

Combining hitting alternating colored balls and red balls. When hitting, you must hit the red ball first if the slip is considered a foul and it will be another turn of the player. Neus colored balls are pocketed, but the red balls on the table are picked up and repositioned. If the red ball is pocketed, you need to hit the colored balls in sequence from low to high.

The end of the game

When there are no more balls on the table and the cumulative points of two players if the higher player wins. If the two sides want to finish early when there is a target on the table, they will compare the current score.