Horse races

Brief about history of horse races in the UK

Horse races have a long history in the UK under many versions and growth. The truth that horse races become a part of beauty in culture of the UK. So, when you visit this nation, you shouldn’t miss it so that you can discover more interesting stories about the UK.

In this article, we will share basic information about history of horse races in the UK. Hope that you will understand more about history of the UK development through major event in horse races.

In the previous article, we have ever discussed the event of Queen Anne when they considered horse races like a professional game to battle. Since this event, many racecourses were built up to organize horse races professionally. As a consequence, many jobs also created and developed to serve horse races annually.

In 1750, some elites loving horse races had a meeting at Newmarket to agree to establish Jockey club. This place was to connect friends of horse races in the UK as well anyone from the world.

The Jockey club was responsible to write a set of rules about professional horse races. Then in 1814, the rule was approved and applied to any races in the UK and several horse races in the world. They determined some races allow the three year old as well some races only accept whom horse requires enough conditions. In the first time, some people felt uncomfortable about new strict rules. Then they complied and adapted it easily.

Besides it, the Jockey club also offered some tips and rules to develop more races in profession. Or the steps to breed of race horse efficiently. Or other information related to horse races. This club did business as a library about horse race which anyone had the right to make reference conveniently.