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Experience in choosing billiard tables and balls

Choose a billiard table

Billiard tables must be qualified, removable and easy to move. A good quality billiard table will help players perform easy operations. A good billiard table will have almost absolute flatness, the ground is only allowed between the two ends, the length is 0.4mm and the width is 0.2mm.

You should choose a billiard table with inside is made of solid rubber, the top is covered with a thin cloth. Along with that, when placing, you need to ensure a reasonable distance between tables so that customers have a comfortable playing space.

How to choose billiard ball

When investing, you should prioritize buying billiards originating from Belgium or Germany because they are mostly good, well-designed and have a long life. According to the experience of many people who go before, you should not buy cheap Chinese billiards because you want cheap. They have poor durability and are easy to get dirty. Along with that, during the billiard restaurant operation, you need to clean it regularly so that the billiard ball is always shiny.

Experience in managing billiards

The characteristic of Billiards is that you manage guest playtime, you should use the verb timer to do this for yourself. Along with that, while playing, customers often have the habit of ordering drinks or snacks. Therefore, controlling the amount of food customers call is a method to limit loss for the store.

– Manage desk rooms effectively: The restaurant is crowded at peak hours, do you want your staff to serve faster? Control the number of billiard tables in use, not in use. Operate only on mobile phones, tablets. Customers will be very pleased because there is no need to wait long.

– Track guest time by hour block: Set time block as you like (15 ‘, 30’, 60 ‘for a block). You can calculate invoice value easily.

– Set up preferential rates for each different service, group of different customers.

– Accurate quantitative processing of raw materials, print bill immediately when customers order food / beverages attached.

– Control the business of billiard store anytime, anywhere via mobile phones / laptops / tablets.

With the above benefits, you will shorten management time, save costs and avoid errors. Instead of having to hire 5 employees to check inventory, cashier, dispensing, waitress, import, you can only need 2-3 employees to undertake the whole job.

Horse race betting

5 Strategies To Place On Horse Race Betting (Part 1)

Horse racing is one of the most favorite betting types in the world. Almost betting market considers horse race as a potential filed for betting. So, all betting sites offer this sport in their business. Especially, horse race betting is extremely developed strongly in the Western. 

To increase opportunitiesfor winning, you should reference strategies and tips from profession. It’s a good way to improve skills and experience.

In this article, we collect 5 outstanding strategies to place on horse races. 

1, Do your homework hardworking

Before starting to place on bets, you should do research about this race detail. It includes information about status and profile of racing horses as well the odds, promotion from bookmakers. 

These information are useful to make clear about your decision. Although collecting information can be right or not right from rumors. But it’s helpful if you try to find correct news.

2, Using other kinds of bets

In horse race betting, there are a wide range of betting types such as the win bet, the fixed-odd or the multiple bets. So, it’s better to place on different wager to balance risk for beginner as well increase ability to improve your skill in higher level.

Although different types require other strategies and regulations, it has some similar so you don’t take so much time to adjust new wager while you have more opportunity for winning in other bets.

So, why not you don’t try to enjoy.

3, Shop the odds regularly

Shopping the odd is a simple way to collect your overall payout during betting process.

Although it takes a little time, it deserves to give back your money as well increase your skills about horse race betting.

As soon as you select the betting type, you can start to shop the odds officially. You should check and compare the odds of online betting sites and on-course bookmakers to find reasonable odds then place on shopping officially.

Basics about snooker Snooker Games

Pooking Billiards City – Game of 8 ball attractive beer (Part 2)

In the previous article, we introduced some basic information about the Pooking Billiards City game. In this article, let’s continue finding out more about this interesting game!

Pooking Billiards City is an attractive billiard shooting game on a mobile platform, satisfying the thirst of real billiard game enthusiasts. Basically, the gameplay still follows the rules of the beer game, but the game also uses the latest technology to create the funniest and most realistic billiards simulations, both relaxing and practicing focus rings.

The Pooking Billiards City rules remain the same as the actual game: the player will hold a mechanical stick to push the balls in accordance with the rules, move around and into the hole on a green-clothed table, surrounded by rubber cushion. Experience an 8-ball pool game like never before, thanks to great HD graphics, superb playability, and surreal ball physics.

Pooking Billiards City requires you to show off your ball aiming skills in single player mode, experiencing challenges from a beginner to a professional level. Advanced technology manifests through sound, graphics, ball movement creating a realistic playing field, the game is suitable for all subjects, both relax and practice good personality for you.

Billiards City uses the latest technology to create the most fun and realistic billiard simulations. Experience the pool like never before, thanks to excellent HD graphics, superb playability, and surreal ball physics. Challenging a new stylish level of abilities ranging from beginner to professional level. Hone your skills, improve your game and defeat the opposition to gain access to new city bars, win and become the famous Billiards City Champion!

Quickly download the game Pooking billiards to play and show off your achievements to your friends!

Disc Pool Carrom is also a game similar to hitting billiards, but in the multiplayer mode with a table-like interface, Disc Pool Carrom offers two game modes: Disc Pool and Carrom, compete with best players in the world.

Snooker Games

Pooking Billiards City – The interesting snooker game you should try (Part 1)

Pooking is a game that plays billiards on your phone, playing even without an internet connection.

Coming to the game, you will improve the ability to angle, adjust the force, the direction of the shot with many different types of 8-hole billiard table. Discover now!

The main features of Pooking Billiards City:

– 8 ball billiard game

– Real HD graphics

– Multiple player challenge modes

– Touch the screen to move the stick

– Smooth controls

Information of Pooking Billiards City

  • Category: Sports
  • Graphics: 3D
  • Modes: single player, offline
  • Age: 4 years old and up
  • Publisher: MOUNTAIN GAME, yu liu
  • Platform: Android 4.1 and above, iOS 9.0 and above
  • Release date: October 24, 2017
  • Game price: Free

Pooking Billiards City gameplay

Your task is to adjust the angle and force of the shot to put the marbles in the hole until all the balls are on the billiard table. When you miss a shot, you will lose one turn (maximum 5 turns per screen).

Through each level, there will be different types of marble placement, the difficulty will also increase. However, you do not need to worry because in the following levels there will be tools to assist you. Take the hand, for example, to remove a marble from the billiard table. To get that support tool, you need to insert the billiard ball into the hole containing the hand statue bieru.

In addition, when you put a billiard ball in the holes containing the hearts, you will get one extra turn.

Graphics of Pooking Billiards City

Pooking has simple 3D graphics that depict the movement of marbles when the billiard stick hits them.

In addition, the game also has detailed description sound when you poke a billiard ball, the sound of a marbles touching each other, or cheers when you put them in the hole.

Snooker Games

Experience playing snooker with these 2 attractive games

Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker Carrom

Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker Carrom offers you variations of billiard games on beautiful 3D graphics, realistic and accurate physics, smooth operations, simple and fast-paced gameplay, allowing you to play. with device AI and with other competitors. Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker Carrom includes more than 20 packed game transformers, a variety of billiard tables with different shapes, flexible viewing angles for better viewing.

Realistic 3D graphics in Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker Carrom game combined with linear shooting instructions help you arrange your shot angle, modify shooting angle and view your shot position and target, making it easy to prepare for your next step. The game allows many people to join, supports online chat, play with the machine in 4 difficulty levels, choose from regular billiard tables, circles, hexagons, flexible zoom or even lice are slow motion.

Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker Carrom has many ball scenes and designs, many types of sticks to choose from, detailed rules of play, results and performance statistics. Practice mode is the perfect environment for you to practice intricate shots to sharpen your shooting skills. With 4 different difficulty levels to choose from, you’ll quickly go from a beginner to a seasoned billiards expert.

8 Ball Billiards 3D

8 Ball Billiards 3D is a billiard game for PC with beautiful graphic design and realistic gameplay. Download 8 Ball Billiards 3D will help you practice your billiard skills by confronting smart AI with gameplay that fully complies with international billiard rules.

8 Ball Billiards 3D is an offline single-player billiards game, in which you will compete against the computer in many different game modes. The game recreates a lifelike billiard environment thanks to sharp 3D graphics. Moreover, the game also uses the latest technology to simulate the player’s billiard table, bat, ball and kicks.

Through 8 Ball Billiards 3D, players can practice their skills, improve the ability to aim, to align and calculate the angle of attack, and to realize with precise shots. Winning will bring you the prestigious gold cup and the chance to become a champion.

Scania Truck Driving Simulator is a truck driving simulation game that allows players to control a world-famous brand car, Scania Truck Driving Simulator requires a lot of challenge for the player, you have to be persistent and careful. can overcome the quests that the game offers.

8 Ball Billiards 3D has a light, simple gameplay that is easy to play but not easy to win. The game is suitable for everyone, including children and the elderly. Each table is a new challenge, players need to put all of their balls (single color or striped ball) in the hole and finish with 8 ball. Tables will limit the time or number of hits to increase difficulty.

Basics about snooker Snooker Games

Billiards game good for those who like to be a player (Part 2)

Game Billiards 3D

Billiards 3D is a very good game for you fans of this sport. With 3D graphics and vivid sound, the game will give you a very realistic experience. The game has 2 game modes that are billiards mode 8 ball and 9 ball hole. Perform magical muscle lines and world-class blows. Let’s play the ultimate 3D billiards game and show off your skills!

Snooker Stars

Snooker Stars opens up a real world of real billiards for you to practice in the most comfortable way. Besides, you can also compete with many other players. Please win and own yourself a lot of points.

Pro Snooker

Snooker Live Pro gives you a professional sport by supporting all levels of players with precision aiming features that make it easy to improve your aiming ability and increase accuracy. As a pro snooker, you will have to apply realistic physics principles to every hit on the table in this one-of-a-kind multiplayer game. Please master all your shots in any case!

Pool Live Pro

Pool Live Pro Free, awesome billiards game with 8 ball, 9 ball and black ball modes. Join and challenge opponents from around the world. Join now and earn a lot of money for yourself!

Micro Pool

With very realistic HD graphics and sound, Micropool will put you in the game instantly. There are 4 different types of games you can try: eight ball tank, nine ball tank, killer tank and pool speed. Unlocking once will remove ads forever. The game is currently downloaded and run for free on two operating systems Android and iOS.

Snooker Live Pro

You should play Snooker Live Pro, and surely you will become the next Riga Masters 2016 winner Judd Trump. You will get the real world billiards game experience for every level like a true champion. As a professional Billiards player you can challenge the best players and get a maximum of 147 rest – perfect online game score!

Above are 11 most popular billiard game apps today. We hope that this article will provide you with lots of useful information.

Snooker Games

Billiards game good for those who like to be a player (Part 1)

In order to create convenience for those who love this sport, the game Billiards on mobile phone was born for people to comfortably practice anytime, anywhere.

Billiards have long been a game attracting many ages to participate. To play this sport, players need to have flexibility in gameplay as well as good strategy in order to win against the opponent.

Today’s article will introduce readers to the 11 most popular billiard games today so you can refer and choose for yourself the most suitable game interface.

Snooker – 8 Ball Pool

This can be said to be the most famous hole billiards game today and when you join you will have the opportunity to test your skills with many players from all over the world. Your task is to put the number 8 ball down the last hole to win. But first you need to eat the required number, from 1 to 7 or from 9 to 15. With each win you will be rewarded with coins and this money to upgrade characters, buy costumes. Besides, you will be able to participate in tournaments to compete for the prestigious billiard crown.


World Championship Billiards

When you join this game, you will show your talent at the world three-round billiards tournament that will be held in the cities. Please fight hard to bring back the most prestigious prize!

Pool Break 3D

3D Pool Ball is a 3D billiard game where you can play quick beer rings against other online players. Since you only have a few seconds to set up your shot and hit the ball, matches last no more than five or six minutes. Pool Break 3D will be the place to create conditions for you to compete with other players from which you will have more experience and combat skills will be improved.

Kings of Pool

With beautiful 3D graphics, you will have a great experience when participating. Kings of Pool is specially designed and meticulously designed to give you a modern playground. Try to win so you can gain access to exclusive stake boards and build your vault, becoming the richest billiards player ever.


Billiards City

Billiards City uses the latest technology to create a fun and realistic Billiards simulation game. And this can be said to be the only billiards game with a player attached. Thanks to its stunning HD graphics, the game challenges players with a variety of levels for beginners to professional players. Hone your skills, improve your game and beat your opponents to gain access to city bars, win tons of trophies and become the famous Billiards City champion!

Snooker Players

Jordan Spieth demonstrated his talent to play billiards

Attending The Masters for 5 consecutive years since 2014, Jordan Spieth is one of the brightest candidates for The Masters championship.

If in the last 4 years, the world’s No. 4 golfer soon made a strong impression thanks to 1 championship and 2 times the final second place, then after the first round of the year, Jordan Spieth has established. An equally impressive record. That is through a total of 17 rounds, he has 9 rounds to place number 1. This achievement helps Jordan Spieth ranked 6th in the list of golfers with the most rounds of The Masters leading, equal with legendary golfer Tiger Woods.

In addition to the talent that helped Jordan Spieth rise to number 1 in the world in 2015 and maintain his lead on the chart for 26 weeks, the golfer who won major three times also has many other sports talents. For example, billiards, Jordan Spieth freely accepted to participate in a billiards match with David Feherty – a former professional golfer and now a producer and commentator on television.

Also must calculate the angle, direction, hitting force, but on the billiards table is a very different image of Jordan Spieth. At this time, fans hope that, when the epidemic is over, when the tournaments return, Jordan Spieth will also return with the best form.

When Brooks Kopeka reached the top of glory on the world golf chart, another former No. 1 golfer continued to slip. Jordan Spieth did not attend the CJ Cup golf tournament last week, in which Brooks Koepka won the trophy. This caused the American golfer to fall from No. 10 to No. 11, and was the first time he was not in the top 10 of the best golfers in the world since November 2014.

Since that time, Jordan Spieth has won 12 golf tournaments around the world, including three major tournaments. He has 26 weeks to hold No. 1 on the chart. But since July this year, the 25-year-old golfer has failed to win a single tournament, and was eliminated from the Tour Championship for the first time in his career.

The top 10 golfers on the current chart include Brooks Koepka, who just came to No. 1 a week ago. In second place is Dustin Johnson. It was followed by Justin Rose, Justin Thomas, Rory McilRoy, Francesco Molinari, Bryson DeChambeau, Jon Rahm, Rickie Fowler and Jason Day.

With such a good record in recent years, famous golfer Tiger Woods has held the world’s No. 13 position for the fifth consecutive week.

Basics about snooker Snooker Players

World billiard shock: The first player to die because of Covid-19

The famous South American player Oscar Ticona recently passed away because the Covid-19 epidemic has shocked the world billiard community.

The South American billiard community and the world were stunned recently when the Bolivian Billiards Federation announced that Oscar Ticona had passed away because Covid-19 was at the age of 58. 

Oscar Ticona is considered a monument of billiard Bolivia, dominating the country for many years. He is also one of the players with the most appearances in South American international tournaments.

During his career, Ticona has competed in most famous cities of South America such as Manizales, Medellin, Bogota, Quito, Lima, Santiago or Buenos Aires. He has repeatedly been in the top of the best players in the Panamerican Championship – the prestigious professional 3-band carom tournament of South America.

After learning the news, a series of famous fighters expressed their shock as well as shared their grief with Mr. Ticona’s family. Alexander Salazar (Colombia) wrote: “Ticona is the elite representative of Bolivian billiards. I remember the memories of playing with him across the continent”

Player Ricardo Migliavacca (Argentina) shared: “We are very sad to announce the departure of Ticona, a victim of Covid-19. He is an outstanding player in his country. His departure will be a exellent loss. We extend our condolences to the Ticona family and the Bolivian Billiards Federation”.

In addition to expressing grief, player Luis Aveiga (Ecuador) also revealed that the wife of a famous colleague had also passed away a year earlier.

Mr. Oscar Ticona is the first case in which a player in the world has died from the Covid pandemic. Previously, the Covid-19 pandemic caused death of 2 athletes in sports. They are Iranian female futsal player Elham Sheikhi (23 years old) and Chinese fitness champion Qiu Jun (70 years old).

Horse race betting

Types of betting in horse races

Horse race has become a favorite sport for betting from a long time. As a habit, spectators prefer to place on betting when they go the racecourse and watch some horse races.

In this article, we will refer an aspect of betting which plays an important role for any bettor want to work with betting seriously. It’s some types of major betting in horse races.

Following our article to know how to choose the betting type suiting with your demand and favorite.

In general, there are two types of betting, including straight wager and exotic wager. The fact, in per version, it has been split smaller kinds to make wide variety for bettor.

According to lack of experience of new beginners, it’s better to use straight wagers. It looks simple and cheap, so it’s easy to follow and learn by heart. As normal, your task is to pick up one horse which is predicted to go the first, second and third. Enough betting in the top 3, that’s right and enough to follow others.

About exotic wager, it requires more complicated skills. It means bettors need to focus more with a full set of knowledge about betting and horse races. In this type, bettors should have advanced degree to pickup horse whether which racing horse can come the line firstly. However, the price for winners is extremely high and potential. Only needing one time with luck, bettor can change his life by exotic wager.

In the straight wager, there are some smaller versions such as: Win, place, show, across the board, win/place and place/show. Depending other types, they have specific rules as well strength and drawback. However, it has the same point when you only are allowed to place on one horse. We will discuss information about per kind in straight wager in the later article.