Basics about snooker

Did you know about the History of Snooker? (Part 2)

Snooker rules

Snooker rules are also quite complicated with many different rules.

The aim of the game is to score more points than their opponent in each game. Each player is awarded more points when he put a red ball in the hole and then another color of his choice.

After 15 red balls have been put in the hole and there are no more red fruits on the table, the competitor must put the other colors in the hole according to the value of each ball.

The smaller the score, the more must be included first.

The yellow point is the lowest, followed by green, brown, blue, pink and black (see photo below).

When points are tied, competitors must put the black ball in the hole, and whoever puts the black ball in the hole first will be the winner.

The following strokes are considered errors:

– In a muscle score more than four points but seven points low.

– Miss the ball you are aiming to hit.

– Put a ball in the hole that you should not have played.

– The case that a ball jumps off the table.

– Put the ball in the hole used to hit other balls, ie the cue ball.

– “Letting” the white ball touch another ball, instead of “hitting” the ball it means the speculation is so close that touching the white ball more than twice.

When the game starts to play, there are 15 red balls on the table, each worth one point.

Unless a player starts playing with a free ball as determined by the referee, each player can score a maximum of 147 points.

A player can only score these points by putting a black ball in the hole after a red ball.

A match is fought against an odd number of games only.

A player is deemed to have won by winning more games than his opponent.

Basics about snooker Snooker Games Snooker Players

Did you know about the History of Snooker? (Part 1)

The Snooker game, which was invented by Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain in India in 1845, was a psychological game with quite simple rules.

The hands must hit 15 red balls one after another in the other 6 colors in the hole. Each red fruit is counted 1 point, other colors from 2 to 7 points.

The red balls in the hole will stay there, and the colored balls will be left in place while there are still red balls on the table. When there are no red marbles, colored balls will be hit in the hole in order of points. A game is considered over when one side wins an overwhelming number of points that the opponent cannot catch or the balls are hit on the table.

Each match has 17 games and can last 8 hours. The muscular arms will move about 5 km, and lose about 4 kg.

Snooker is an equation with lots of unknowns in which psychology plays a very important role. Other external conditions such as dust, humidity on the felt can also change the track of the ball.

If the sun shines on the table, the ball will run faster, if it is cold it will move quickly. Therefore, the professional mechanics often play in the room with curtains and at the right temperature of 18’C. The counter is heated.

Before each match, people stretch the felt. Absorb the smallest dust particles. The pros play with oak two-piece muscles. While billiards are normally played in clubs filled with cigarette smoke, beer, and heavy alcohol, snookers have always been a solemn place in Snooker clubs.

Players wear smoking or a shirt, wearing a bow very politely. In the UK, China and Thailand, snooker is considered a popular sport. In the UK alone, there are 350 hours of television snooker per year and ranks second after football.

Horse race betting

5 Strategies To Place On Horse Race Betting (Part 2)

Horse racing is one of the most popular betting game for anyone. It combines some traditional and modern features to create more interest for bettors.

However, betting in horse race is not easy. If you are not careful, you can lose all money you have. So, it’s better to set up strategies to have a clear plan for betting.

Today, we continue to share top 5 useful strategies to place on horse race. 

4, Prefering multiplace, but not all

In betting, you should use multiplace to place a wager. If so, you can be a smarter bettor. 

You should follow news and profile of horse racers, then collect right source which you feel reliable, then decide about betting. 

However, sometime multiplie horse racing betting is not all right. So, you should consider all instructions from others.

For example, there are 70% bettors place on races in the Kentucky derby. It’s not random. It expresses popularity to place a wager. The fact fat, Derby is the most famous horse race in the USA.

When you find a proper race, you need to choose a proper type of race among different races. Only when you place on other kinds, you can broaden your knowleadge about betting and realize that which kind is better for you.

5, Manage bankroll strictly

After strategies about method in betting, you go the last strategy- managing your bankroll.

It means you have to control your budget for betting strictly.

When you open an account, you should consider about your financial budget whether how much is proper for your betting.

Once you determine it, you only use less than amount you have. It protects you to maintain in the next round if you are loser.

Besides it, you also reference information about deposit or withdraw from bank. So that you assure that the process is simple and convenient.

Snooker Games Snooker Players

Devastated UK champion Ronnie O’Sullivan has been moved out of his favorite city

World champion Ronnie O’Sullivan admits he was devastated. The UK Championship won’t take place in his favorite city of York later this month due to the global health pandemic.

Due to the UK government’s strict health guidelines, the 2020/21 season was shifted to temporary operation at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes with players having to check Covid-19 regularly at events.

This year’s UK Betway Championship will be held for the first time at Milton Keynes, according to Covid-19 Government regulation, the World Snooker Tour tournament organizer said in a statement Wednesday.

One of the snooker’s most prestigious events and part of the Triple Crown Series, the tournament has been held in the York Barbican since 2011. But in this year, all rounds will take place at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes , which runs from November 23 to December 6.

O’Sullivan lifted his sixth world title in Sheffield in August with just a few hundred fans acknowledged at the Crucible for the final two days, but says playing every tournament behind closed doors at A town isn’t ideal for this sport.

The seven-time UK champion wants to compete at the KT Entertainment Center in Crawley – where he was rated for the smell of urine at the 2018 English Open – rather than being forced to go to every tournament at Milton Keynes.

O’Sullivan, who becomes the winner of a ranking event at the age of 17, said: “It is, but at some point you want fans to come back because there are no fans. . Hendry 10-6 in the 1993 UK final. Listen, you feed them sometimes and it’s nice to be out in front of the crowd”

“It’s a pity we don’t go back to York. I was devastated by that is my favorite city across the country, even worldwide, number two in the world told Eurosport.”

“Not to go there and return to Milton Keynes – it is as difficult in many ways as you have to keep going to Milton Keynes.

We were very disappointed not to come to York Barbican for this year’s Betway UK Championship because it is such a great location in a great city, Hearn said. Yorkers can rest assured that we fully intend to return to York next year and in fact, we have agreed on the dates for 2021 and 2022 with the location.”

“After extensive consultation with the UK Government and relevant public health authorities, the decision to rank all the matches at Milton Keynes this time has been taken. It’s an ideal location, we’re working with a special team there and we’ve demonstrated over the past few months that we can host major tournaments there, with 128 participation. players, safely and successfully.”

In the circumstances we face today, our key goal is to keep events on track, provide competitive action and bonuses to our high-end players and sports for millions of television viewers around the world who are in need of inspiration.

Basics about snooker Snooker tips

The secret to playing good billiards without technique

Not to mention the pool technique, some of the following immovable principles will help you become a more professional player in the way of holding the sticks, standing posture, the rules of the game.

Surely these will help you gain stick more easily

1. Practice standing posture when playing billiards

One of the simple tips when playing billiards is to train yourself to have a good standing and balance. The best posture is to place 2 feet apart at least shoulder width apart and firmly grip on the ground. Keep your back be straight during play. When you have a good stance, it becomes easier to focus on controlling the billiard ball, and you can fully aim the target accurately.

2. Focus on stick

Remember, professional snooker was once a bluff but filled with passion and enthusiasm. When you follow the stick stick, you will know where the ball will roll after you hit the jab. Having a successful ball kick takes a lot of factors

3. Blink before poking balls

When you are doing a ball punch, try winking the white ball closed and the target ball more accurately. Hold your posture and make sure the sticks and arms move the most skillfully.

4. Do not forget to apply the powder to the stick before poking the ball

Before hitting a blow, always apply chalk on top of the stick stick to minimize errors. The chalk not only helps to prevent slippery (the friction between the speculator and the ball prevents this), but also helps you to perform a more precise ball punch.

5. Practice

Under the guidance of experts, hard work is always the key to all success not only in billiards but also in many other areas of life. Especially for beginners, you will need to hit the ball to master it. In other words, you should play billiards regularly – at least 3 times a week – to become more professional quickly. Remember, every day of billiards is more effective than playing 10 hours a week!

6. Play billiards with confidence

This is not only the best tip but also the secret of many professional athletes in the world. Before you do a ball punch, visualize the poke point where the cue ball rolls and stops. If you can control the cue ball and the jab, you’ll soon realize that snooker isn’t just about placing the ball, but it can be a tactical choice between a snatch or a safe play.

Basics about snooker Snooker tips

Some elements you should consider carefully before opening a billiards shop

Below are the criteria to consider when choosing a billiard table. Get started now!

top view snooker ball on snooker table vector
ElementReason for consideration
Table frameBilliard tables can be made of solid wood or MDF (Medium density fiberboard) and it is not certain which is better than which. But no matter what type you choose, you should make sure your “pool table” has 1 middle frame and 2 horizontal frames to distribute the weight of the table surface.
Stone slab as a table topA suitable billiard table is usually assembled with 3 stone slabs for easy movement, installation and flatness adjustment. The slab belongs to the main playing area of ​​the table, is located under the cloth and has 2 types: 1-blade type, 3-plate type. Currently, 3 plates is the most popular choice. The thickness of the board is usually: – 3/4 inch: commonly used as a beginner table with the cheapest cost. 1 inch: standard thickness commonly found in high-end billiard tables and is used in international tournaments by BCA (Billiard Congress of America). It is imperative that the joint points between the plates be very flat with an error of no more than 0.04mm. The flatness of the table surface is only guaranteed when the error between the two ends is 0.4mm long and 0.2mm wide.
Billiard holeHoles can be made of rubber, leather or plastic.
Ball grooveAlmost all types of billiard table have hardwood grooves.
Delivery and installation costsWhen making a purchase, make sure that the delivery costs are clearly listed in the contract, avoiding unexpectedly high costs. With a large number of purchases, it’s best to choose a free-shipping store to maximize cost savings. The installation requires professional technical assistance so you do not need to save too much money in this
Table sizeAvailable in 3 popular sizes: 7ft, 8ft and 9ft. Thoroughly calculating the space around the “pool table” for the players to shoot and the length of the muscles is a smart move you should not forget.
Budget availableDraw up a blueprint and have an estimate of how much you will pay for each billiard table.
Is it possible to return the goods?Read the terms of purchase clearly and check that you can return a defective item or refund the product.
The current state of billiard tablesBuyers should carefully check the condition of the table – used or new.
Basics about snooker Snooker tips

Experience in choosing billiard tables and balls

Choose a billiard table

Billiard tables must be qualified, removable and easy to move. A good quality billiard table will help players perform easy operations. A good billiard table will have almost absolute flatness, the ground is only allowed between the two ends, the length is 0.4mm and the width is 0.2mm.

You should choose a billiard table with inside is made of solid rubber, the top is covered with a thin cloth. Along with that, when placing, you need to ensure a reasonable distance between tables so that customers have a comfortable playing space.

How to choose billiard ball

When investing, you should prioritize buying billiards originating from Belgium or Germany because they are mostly good, well-designed and have a long life. According to the experience of many people who go before, you should not buy cheap Chinese billiards because you want cheap. They have poor durability and are easy to get dirty. Along with that, during the billiard restaurant operation, you need to clean it regularly so that the billiard ball is always shiny.

Experience in managing billiards

The characteristic of Billiards is that you manage guest playtime, you should use the verb timer to do this for yourself. Along with that, while playing, customers often have the habit of ordering drinks or snacks. Therefore, controlling the amount of food customers call is a method to limit loss for the store.

– Manage desk rooms effectively: The restaurant is crowded at peak hours, do you want your staff to serve faster? Control the number of billiard tables in use, not in use. Operate only on mobile phones, tablets. Customers will be very pleased because there is no need to wait long.

– Track guest time by hour block: Set time block as you like (15 ‘, 30’, 60 ‘for a block). You can calculate invoice value easily.

– Set up preferential rates for each different service, group of different customers.

– Accurate quantitative processing of raw materials, print bill immediately when customers order food / beverages attached.

– Control the business of billiard store anytime, anywhere via mobile phones / laptops / tablets.

With the above benefits, you will shorten management time, save costs and avoid errors. Instead of having to hire 5 employees to check inventory, cashier, dispensing, waitress, import, you can only need 2-3 employees to undertake the whole job.

Horse race betting

5 Strategies To Place On Horse Race Betting (Part 1)

Horse racing is one of the most favorite betting types in the world. Almost betting market considers horse race as a potential filed for betting. So, all betting sites offer this sport in their business. Especially, horse race betting is extremely developed strongly in the Western. 

To increase opportunitiesfor winning, you should reference strategies and tips from profession. It’s a good way to improve skills and experience.

In this article, we collect 5 outstanding strategies to place on horse races. 

1, Do your homework hardworking

Before starting to place on bets, you should do research about this race detail. It includes information about status and profile of racing horses as well the odds, promotion from bookmakers. 

These information are useful to make clear about your decision. Although collecting information can be right or not right from rumors. But it’s helpful if you try to find correct news.

2, Using other kinds of bets

In horse race betting, there are a wide range of betting types such as the win bet, the fixed-odd or the multiple bets. So, it’s better to place on different wager to balance risk for beginner as well increase ability to improve your skill in higher level.

Although different types require other strategies and regulations, it has some similar so you don’t take so much time to adjust new wager while you have more opportunity for winning in other bets.

So, why not you don’t try to enjoy.

3, Shop the odds regularly

Shopping the odd is a simple way to collect your overall payout during betting process.

Although it takes a little time, it deserves to give back your money as well increase your skills about horse race betting.

As soon as you select the betting type, you can start to shop the odds officially. You should check and compare the odds of online betting sites and on-course bookmakers to find reasonable odds then place on shopping officially.

Basics about snooker Snooker Games

Pooking Billiards City – Game of 8 ball attractive beer (Part 2)

In the previous article, we introduced some basic information about the Pooking Billiards City game. In this article, let’s continue finding out more about this interesting game!

Pooking Billiards City is an attractive billiard shooting game on a mobile platform, satisfying the thirst of real billiard game enthusiasts. Basically, the gameplay still follows the rules of the beer game, but the game also uses the latest technology to create the funniest and most realistic billiards simulations, both relaxing and practicing focus rings.

The Pooking Billiards City rules remain the same as the actual game: the player will hold a mechanical stick to push the balls in accordance with the rules, move around and into the hole on a green-clothed table, surrounded by rubber cushion. Experience an 8-ball pool game like never before, thanks to great HD graphics, superb playability, and surreal ball physics.

Pooking Billiards City requires you to show off your ball aiming skills in single player mode, experiencing challenges from a beginner to a professional level. Advanced technology manifests through sound, graphics, ball movement creating a realistic playing field, the game is suitable for all subjects, both relax and practice good personality for you.

Billiards City uses the latest technology to create the most fun and realistic billiard simulations. Experience the pool like never before, thanks to excellent HD graphics, superb playability, and surreal ball physics. Challenging a new stylish level of abilities ranging from beginner to professional level. Hone your skills, improve your game and defeat the opposition to gain access to new city bars, win and become the famous Billiards City Champion!

Quickly download the game Pooking billiards to play and show off your achievements to your friends!

Disc Pool Carrom is also a game similar to hitting billiards, but in the multiplayer mode with a table-like interface, Disc Pool Carrom offers two game modes: Disc Pool and Carrom, compete with best players in the world.

Snooker Games

Pooking Billiards City – The interesting snooker game you should try (Part 1)

Pooking is a game that plays billiards on your phone, playing even without an internet connection.

Coming to the game, you will improve the ability to angle, adjust the force, the direction of the shot with many different types of 8-hole billiard table. Discover now!

The main features of Pooking Billiards City:

– 8 ball billiard game

– Real HD graphics

– Multiple player challenge modes

– Touch the screen to move the stick

– Smooth controls

Information of Pooking Billiards City

  • Category: Sports
  • Graphics: 3D
  • Modes: single player, offline
  • Age: 4 years old and up
  • Publisher: MOUNTAIN GAME, yu liu
  • Platform: Android 4.1 and above, iOS 9.0 and above
  • Release date: October 24, 2017
  • Game price: Free

Pooking Billiards City gameplay

Your task is to adjust the angle and force of the shot to put the marbles in the hole until all the balls are on the billiard table. When you miss a shot, you will lose one turn (maximum 5 turns per screen).

Through each level, there will be different types of marble placement, the difficulty will also increase. However, you do not need to worry because in the following levels there will be tools to assist you. Take the hand, for example, to remove a marble from the billiard table. To get that support tool, you need to insert the billiard ball into the hole containing the hand statue bieru.

In addition, when you put a billiard ball in the holes containing the hearts, you will get one extra turn.

Graphics of Pooking Billiards City

Pooking has simple 3D graphics that depict the movement of marbles when the billiard stick hits them.

In addition, the game also has detailed description sound when you poke a billiard ball, the sound of a marbles touching each other, or cheers when you put them in the hole.