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Play billiards right in the Ronnie O’Sullivan Sporting Legends slot game

Ronnie Oullivan’s Sporting Legends is a unique traditional game that combines billiards-themed imagery with classic gameplay that blurs the lines between billiard tables and gambling.

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Introducing Ronnie O thuullivan Sporting Legends slot game

The creators at Playtech have released their brand new ‘Sports Legends’ portfolio with Frankie Dettori taking on a key position in the ‘Frankie Dettori Sporting Legends’ tournament, a sequel being ‘Frankie’. Dettori’s Magic Sevens’. Next up was the infamous Ronnie O’Sullivan introduced as a brand new progressive gambling game at web casinos. Ronnie O’sullivan Sporting Legends’ online slot game is a unique game that blends billiard-themed imagery with classic gameplay.

Of course the game has a billiard theme. Each roll is lined up vertically along the green billiard table. Even though the game slot doesn’t have 3D graphics, it maintains a clear and smooth visual presence. The game has 5 reels, 25 payment lines. It retains every great thing about progressive slot machines, while including some great new additions – such as the Max Break Free Game feature, where you get free spins with numbers multiplied up to 7 times.

Slot game feature Ronnie O thuullivan Sporting Legends

The symbol on the reels in the game consists of cards A through 10 with colored billiard balls on them. There are also black and white balls, a red ball with a stand, two pictures of Ronnie. The Ronnie logo is the one you want to see because getting 3, 4 or 5 of these will give you 5, 20 or 100 times your turn, a thing to be aware of as part of a battle. Your gambling strategy. The Championship bounty symbol will activate if it lands on reels 1 and 5 taking you into a tournament phase. From this point you choose from 5 balls that bring you cash prizes. Here you can also open ‘Spend all’ gives you all the prizes or ‘Collect’. If you decide to win a cash prize or ‘Spend it all’, you will move on to the next round where more prizes are available. Having 5 rounds to play means there are lots of symbols to win if you hit a string of luck.

As part of the Sporting Legends series, there are daily and weekly jackpots and Mega Sporting available for the lucky. They are activated randomly on any spin. One unique feature introduced by Playtech is the time frame shown at the top of the game. Daily and Weekly jackpots will be able to appear in their respective timeframes. If you are a fan of billiards and slots games then the Ronnie O conullivan Sporting Legends slot game is a great choice for you!

Basics about snooker Snooker Players

The snooker superstar lost £ 30,000 for a mistake

The No. 1 Chinese player and number 3 seed of the tournament missed the chance to score the maximum score on the snooker table, thereby winning £ 30,000 for the wrong reason.

The snooker world championship round 1 continues to take place. Top seeds such as Ding Junhui (3rd seed), Neil Robertson (4), Barry Hawkins (5) have all entered the match and they all won tickets to the second round.

Ding Junhui had an emotional game against British player Mark Davis. A bad start, the Asian muscle hand let the 42-year-old Davis lead 4-0, suddenly awakening the former world No. 1 to get back 3 games quickly before allowing the British muscle to lead 3-5.

Drama took place in game 9, when Ding Junhui had a chance to break 147 points (the maximum number of points in a game), after having eaten 12 red balls (1 point each) and 12 black balls ( 7 points) to get 96 points and if you continue to hit like that and then clear the hand, China will get a bonus of £ 30,000.

But due to his lack of focus on breaking records, he managed to get the green goal ball (6 points) in the middle of the table and missed the chance to set a record. Needless to say how regretful a 28-year-old muscle hand was after that situation, he held his head regretfully and forced a smile, the audience and rival Davis were also surprised by the heartless situation of the Asian muscle arm.

“I didn’t think about it (record) until I knew I could score 147. I’m just trying to score more than 100 points, but I don’t think I’ll set a record. I don’t know, it’s true, I’m sorry… “. Ding Junhui expressed regret after the match.

After that rare mistake, Ding regained his composure and continued to show his class with a 10-7 victory over Davis. In the second round, Ding Junhui will face the legendary 39-year-old John Higgins four times world champion.

Another former world number 1 and former world champion 2010 – Neil Robertson has a convincing 10-2 victory over Jamie Jones. Worth mentioning in this match, the Australian player also had 3 moves over 100 points, especially in the third game Robertson scored 143 points, the score was almost absolute and he almost got 30,000. In round 2, the Australian mechanic will meet Allister Carter, the world’s number 13.

Basics about snooker Snooker Players

The Prince of Persia hopes to inspire the development of snooker

Iran’s top player Hossein Vafaei netted a stunning 4-1 win over Ding Junhui in the final round of 16 of the World Grand Prix and believes his success could spur the development of snooker.

Vafaei became the first Iranian professional player when he entered the tournament in 2015, and has since been joined by Soheil Vahedi. In recent seasons, he has had remarkable success, which helps him reach three semi-finals of the ranking event and climbing to 37 world place.

Today’s performance against Ding showed his ability as he hit breaks at 86, 134 and 51.

He had lost. There, he played good sports, people supported him. They loved him to play well.

Selby went on to win a second consecutive championship, beating Anthony McGill 4-2. Leicester’s Selby beat Ronnie and Oullivan 9-3 in the final of last Sunday’s Scotland Open final and have continued their momentum. In the eight frames he won this week, he’s made a century and seven more over 50.

Stays 134 and 58 gave him a 2-0 lead over McGill, then his opponents hit back 2-2 with 87 and 128. World number four Selby responded with 86 and 91 to reach the final eight.

Four-time world champion John Higgins failed 4-3 against rising Chinese potter Zhao Xintong. 111 and 137 clearances gave Zhao a 3-1 lead, then he missed the ball twice in the fifth frame and that opened the door for Higgins to make a 3-3 comeback.

The decider went down to red in the end, and Zhao slashed an awfully long pot into the top corner, before turning pink to win.

Zhao now faces Jack Lisowski, who played better in the Gloucestershire derby against Robert Milkins, winning 4-0. After an erratic opening frame, Lisowski overcame the last three in just 32 minutes, making breaks for 130, 127 and 56.

Snooker Games

Best billiard game for iOS and Android (Part 2)

3. Real Billiard 8 Ball Pool 3D

The world’s number one billiard game is now available on iPhone and iPad. Play Billiard 8 Ball Pool 3D with friends on mobile devices and overcome the challenge to become the number one gamer.

Hone your skills at auditions, take part in one-to-one competitions and register in major tournaments to win precious medals and trophies.

Some features in Real Billilard 8 Ball Pool 3D:

+ Dynamic 3D billiard ball effect

+ Touch controls to move the billiard stick

+ 8 ball and 9 ball game mode

+ Single player mode: Straight Pool Game (not specified) – Practice (no time limit and no high score leaderboards)

+ Multiplayer mode: Match between many players (there are rules)

4. Billiards game for Android

Billiards game for Android is a version for Android phones of the famous billiards game on PC generation. In the game there are different game modes such as Time Trial, Matrix, playing 2 people 15 balls.

In Time Trial game mode, you have 4 minutes to put the ball in the hole as quickly as possible and you will have more points. If you put 2 balls in the hole in a row, you will increase your score and add time.

In Matrix Mode, when you put a ball in the hole, your score will be multiplied by the difference between that ball and the adjacent edible ball. If the score of the ball you eat is less than the score of the previous ball then your score will be divided by the score of the current ball. So be careful in the calculation!

In the 15-ball 2 player mode, you can compete against your friends!

5. 3D Pool Game

The best billiard game you are looking for is here. Billiards synthesizes 3 games in 1: play 9 ball, 8 ball and snooker.

This game features great 3D HD graphics, play space and optional polishing table with 3 different difficulty levels.

With billiard snooker mode, the game will automatically change into a separate table, similar to the pool billiards table but with larger size, more marbles and smaller balls. You must hit the red ball first and want to hit the colored ball in the hole you must hit the red ball first (only the colored ball is picked up and put in the designated position) and play alternately. The game ends only when all the red balls are punched in the hole and then the colored balls are entered in the hole according to the number of points (from small to large). Especially when a foul is made, the minimum penalty score will be 4 and added to the opponent.

Horse race betting

Short history about horse race betting in the UK (Part 1)

In the UK, sports and gambling in sports become major industry to contribute development of economy. Therefore, as a good consequence, people love sports and usually place on betting when following sport events. They consider that betting is a great way to relax and earn money.

Horse race is offered as a loved sport for betting in the UK. During history of horse race, it is considered as a national sport when it has been a long time to be close and developed at there.

To make clear about betting in horse race, we share some major events during origins and development of this sport.

According to documents, horse races had its roots since the medieval time when knights came back from Crusades. They brought Arab horse to their nation. However, they did research by breeding and developing Arab horse to become English horses. Since horse races in the UK were released to serve entertainment for the Royal. 

This event was meaningful when it brought honor, frame and event coin for many local people. So, they were proud of English horses as well establishment betting in horse races.

Coming to King Charles II period, horse races were more famous when he decided to organize some competitions annually. This event was recognized to note in the historical record for official horse race competitions.

As a good result, some racetracks were built up to have good environment for horse races event like Newmarket. Until now, Newmarket was described as the most famous racetrack to organize epicenter of the UK. Almost important events, the Government decided to choose Newmarket as a convenient racetrack for organization. 

During the reign of Queen Anne, horse race was considered as a professional sport when it was organized annually at many racetracks around the nation.

She decided to build up the Ascot Racecourse in 1711. 

Snooker Games

Best billiard game for iOS and Android (Part 1)

You love to shoot billiards on iOS, Android and regularly follow billiard competitions around the world? Do you want to challenge your friends on professional polishing tables?

And if you own an iPhone, iPad or any Android smartphone, quickly download one of the following billiard games to practice yourself and become the number 1 hand in the shortest time!

1. Game Billiards 3D – Byterun Pool

A game of billiards with beautiful 3D graphics for the iPhone and iPad. With Byterun, you will be participating in world class billiard tournaments. If you win and get high rankings, you will go into more complex tournaments and have the potential to become world champion.

Byterun Pool has 1-person and 2-player modes, hinting to poke the ball accurately. The objective of the game is to poke the specified set of balls into the hole, the black ball will be the last ball to be inserted into the hole to finish and win the game.

2. Game 8 Ball Pool billiards

This is the 8 ball billiards shooting game for Android. With this game, you can choose from different game modes: one to play 1 on 1 with friends (or duel with random players), the other is to participate in tournaments with 8 different players. A third option is to tour, although not available, but this feature is announced by the provider that will be available soon. If you’re playing with your friends, you can invite them through Facebook.

This game includes 5 levels. They are London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. To play a round, each player will have to pay entry fees with in-game money, the levels will have an increasing fee. If you win, you’ll get double the amount paid – basically, you’ll get your money back, along with the amount of your opponent. If you fail the game, you will lose the money, but will not go below zero.

The best advice for you is to challenge your friends as much as possible to improve your poking skills and then enter tournaments to win.

Basics about snooker Snooker tips

Play billiards: As strong as weightlifting

Billiards may seem like a mindful and observant-minded game, but science has shown billiards to be as healthy as weightlifting as well!

Billiards have 10 health benefits, according to Becic expert on Health Fitness Revolution, and this has been confirmed by a study by Harvard Medical School.

Accordingly, a person weighing 125 pounds playing hole billiards for 30 minutes consumes 75 calories, only slightly less than non-competitive weightlifting (90 calories) for the same time, physical condition. One hour of billiards is the equivalent of walking at a brisk speed (7.24 km / h) in half an hour.

Another study by the Center for Aging at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) showed that billiards are especially suitable for the elderly as a sports activity, because continuous random actions while playing create ” jobs ”for muscles, without any physical training required.

Dr Aske Juul Lassen, lead researcher, said the health of old age is not just about practicing sports, but also incorporating seemingly purely entertaining activities like playing billiards into the daily routine.

It is purely sports and art. Billiards is highly resistant, requires nerves of steel, full physical strength and a little bit of romance to reach the top.

Billiards is not only good for physical health. This light sport also helps players improve their mental health, namely the ability to focus, judge and observe because good billiards require attention on fixed targets such as balls, angles, next to the table, etc.

It really is a sport that helps the whole body function: walking, stretching when you have to lean for long ball shots, getting your hands behind your back to handle backhand situations, hand navigation and Holding muscles exerts force on the ball, the eye focuses on the target and the brain calculates the trajectory and force required.

For these reasons, Becic believes that good billiards players are calm people in everyday life, because they are used to thinking clearly and logically before making a decision.

Basics about snooker

Did you know about the History of Snooker? (Part 2)

Snooker rules

Snooker rules are also quite complicated with many different rules.

The aim of the game is to score more points than their opponent in each game. Each player is awarded more points when he put a red ball in the hole and then another color of his choice.

After 15 red balls have been put in the hole and there are no more red fruits on the table, the competitor must put the other colors in the hole according to the value of each ball.

The smaller the score, the more must be included first.

The yellow point is the lowest, followed by green, brown, blue, pink and black (see photo below).

When points are tied, competitors must put the black ball in the hole, and whoever puts the black ball in the hole first will be the winner.

The following strokes are considered errors:

– In a muscle score more than four points but seven points low.

– Miss the ball you are aiming to hit.

– Put a ball in the hole that you should not have played.

– The case that a ball jumps off the table.

– Put the ball in the hole used to hit other balls, ie the cue ball.

– “Letting” the white ball touch another ball, instead of “hitting” the ball it means the speculation is so close that touching the white ball more than twice.

When the game starts to play, there are 15 red balls on the table, each worth one point.

Unless a player starts playing with a free ball as determined by the referee, each player can score a maximum of 147 points.

A player can only score these points by putting a black ball in the hole after a red ball.

A match is fought against an odd number of games only.

A player is deemed to have won by winning more games than his opponent.

Basics about snooker Snooker Games Snooker Players

Did you know about the History of Snooker? (Part 1)

The Snooker game, which was invented by Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain in India in 1845, was a psychological game with quite simple rules.

The hands must hit 15 red balls one after another in the other 6 colors in the hole. Each red fruit is counted 1 point, other colors from 2 to 7 points.

The red balls in the hole will stay there, and the colored balls will be left in place while there are still red balls on the table. When there are no red marbles, colored balls will be hit in the hole in order of points. A game is considered over when one side wins an overwhelming number of points that the opponent cannot catch or the balls are hit on the table.

Each match has 17 games and can last 8 hours. The muscular arms will move about 5 km, and lose about 4 kg.

Snooker is an equation with lots of unknowns in which psychology plays a very important role. Other external conditions such as dust, humidity on the felt can also change the track of the ball.

If the sun shines on the table, the ball will run faster, if it is cold it will move quickly. Therefore, the professional mechanics often play in the room with curtains and at the right temperature of 18’C. The counter is heated.

Before each match, people stretch the felt. Absorb the smallest dust particles. The pros play with oak two-piece muscles. While billiards are normally played in clubs filled with cigarette smoke, beer, and heavy alcohol, snookers have always been a solemn place in Snooker clubs.

Players wear smoking or a shirt, wearing a bow very politely. In the UK, China and Thailand, snooker is considered a popular sport. In the UK alone, there are 350 hours of television snooker per year and ranks second after football.

Horse race betting

5 Strategies To Place On Horse Race Betting (Part 2)

Horse racing is one of the most popular betting game for anyone. It combines some traditional and modern features to create more interest for bettors.

However, betting in horse race is not easy. If you are not careful, you can lose all money you have. So, it’s better to set up strategies to have a clear plan for betting.

Today, we continue to share top 5 useful strategies to place on horse race. 

4, Prefering multiplace, but not all

In betting, you should use multiplace to place a wager. If so, you can be a smarter bettor. 

You should follow news and profile of horse racers, then collect right source which you feel reliable, then decide about betting. 

However, sometime multiplie horse racing betting is not all right. So, you should consider all instructions from others.

For example, there are 70% bettors place on races in the Kentucky derby. It’s not random. It expresses popularity to place a wager. The fact fat, Derby is the most famous horse race in the USA.

When you find a proper race, you need to choose a proper type of race among different races. Only when you place on other kinds, you can broaden your knowleadge about betting and realize that which kind is better for you.

5, Manage bankroll strictly

After strategies about method in betting, you go the last strategy- managing your bankroll.

It means you have to control your budget for betting strictly.

When you open an account, you should consider about your financial budget whether how much is proper for your betting.

Once you determine it, you only use less than amount you have. It protects you to maintain in the next round if you are loser.

Besides it, you also reference information about deposit or withdraw from bank. So that you assure that the process is simple and convenient.